Hello people that have somehow made it here through the series of tubes,

Welcome to NFL Amateurs, a site dedicated to giving you expert opinions by those who are the best of the best at watching FOX and calling Joe Buck a hack (seriously, the man is not a very good NFL commentator).  Over the course of the season, we’ll have plenty of posts on almost every NFL topic, including the draft, free agency, and if we’re lucky (and if the players and owners can talk like adults), the pre-season and regular season.  Cole and I both grew up in Baltimore, so naturally we are both Ravens fans, but are going to look beyond our own team in as non-biased a way as possible, except for the Steelers, because what’s life without a little hate?

I’m sure we will be adding a couple other bloggers for fresh perspectives (read: probably friends who have lives as boring as ours), but until then, let’s dive right in.  Since the lockout is way too depressing a topic to discuss with my first post, instead I will give the first half of “Andy’s Doomed-to-Failure Mock Draft” (copyright 2011).  In case the name did not make it abundantly clear, the picks below will show just how amateurish (see how I tied it all back to the name?) my mock draft is.

Andy’s Doomed-to-Failure Mock Draft, pt. 1

  • 1- Carolina Panthers- Marcell Dareus- DT, Alabama
  • 2- Denver Broncos- Von Miller- OLB, Texas A&M
  • 3- Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton- QB, Auburn
  • 4- Cincinnati Bengals- Blaine Gabbert- QB, Missouri
  • 5- Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Peterson- CB, LSU
  • 6- Cleveland Browns- AJ Green- WR, Georgia
  • 7- San Francisco 49ers- Prince Amukamara- CB, Nebraska
  • 8- Tennessee Titans- Nick Fairley- DT, Auburn
  • 9- Dallas Cowboys- Tyron Smith- OT, USC
  • 10- Washington Redskins- Julio Jones- WR, Alabama
  • 11- Houston Texans- Da’Quan Bowers- DE, Clemson
  • 12- Minnesota Vikings- Robert Quinn- DE, UNC
  • 13- Detroit Lions- Anthony Castonzo- OT, Boston College
  • 14- St. Louis Rams- Corey Liuget- DT, Illinois
  • 15- Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram- RB, Alabama
  • 16- Jacksonville Jaguars- Aldon Smith- DE, Missouri

Since, I am positive that around half of these picks will be wrong (my pessimism knows no bounds), please leave any angry comments you have below.  I will be back on Friday to give an explanation for my picks, and maybe even a few reasons why my picks will inevitably be wrong.