I know, I know. Terrible pun. We’ll work on it.

A couple reports have linked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the front runners for the next installment of HBO’s Hard Knocks. That of course being contingent on the NFL and the NFLPA getting their acts together and organizing a deal to get a season going.

The Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds has an excellent break down of the past participants in the series, starting from the beginning. He points that “the featured team on Hard Knocks has finished with a winning record in four out of the six seasons, with three of those teams making the playoffs.”

Hard Knocks has certainly taken a different approach to selecting teams since their reboot. They’ve chosen teams that haven’t been considered new. That is to say that in general the personnel (either team or coaching staffs) have been in place for a good chunk of years, which is to say they’ve selected teams on the rise. This should be good news for Bucs fans that they’re considered such.

The last two teams featured – Bengals and Jets – have thrived in season and reached the playoffs, which is another trend that should encourage the Bucs to accept the offer.

Besides who wouldn’t want to see Raheem Morris trying to teach Ronde Barber while Barber does some age related math. I love Morris. He represents the new age of coaches that can relate to players on a more personal level and drive them to greater success. Plus he’s outspoken enough to get a good show off the ground, just like Rex Ryan dominated last years. And HBO always does an excellent job producing the show. Nothing gets you fired up for a season more than some good old fashion yelling from a coach.

Now let’s go eat a G*d damn snack!!