A couple of sources (including the NFL’s Website) are reporting that the five teams that are being fined for inappropriate contact include a bunch of teams that have already announced they’ve had inappropriate contact with players.

Jim Harbaugh has already publicly admitted to talking with Alex Smith, which is a double violation as Alex Smith is not currently under contract (I think. At some point he becomes a free agent… I think).

The Browns have brought a whole new coaching staff, so it wont surprise anyone that there’s been contact between the two. Frankly the league ought to look past this one because the Browns could use all the coaching they can get.

Rob Ryan is the 3rd culprit. Several players have told the media that they’ve had meetings with Rob about their new defense. Ryan’s defense has a little more complications to it, and I’m sure hes chomping at the bit to get them on the field – he’s never coached this much talent before. If Ryan wants to get his name to the same pinnacle that his brother’s is at, he’ll have to finally put some good defense on the board.

The final team (at least the final team speculated about, there are actually five teams the league is fining) is the Miami Dolphins. This one doesn’t make as much sense to me. The Dolphins have an established program. They haven’t changed coaching schemes, most of their players are under contract. Undoubtedly they’re trying to gain an advantage on the next season (whenever that is), but one would have to be naive to assume that the rest of 32 franchises are following the guidelines to the letter. With that assumption in place, the Dolphins must have done something pretty drastic to attract the attention of the league.