This is a homer post, I’ll admit that out right. Mark Clayton, former 1st round Ravens draft pick, looked like a mediocre NFL receiver, not quite a bust but nothing near expectations coming out of Oklahoma (unless you count his Madden performances). His scene change to St. Louis seemed to have brought him out of his shell. He looked explosive and was at the top of the league, if only for a few weeks, before he suffered a season ending injury. The Rams will look to bring back Mark Clayton according to reports from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Mike Florio makes the astute comment that its more than likely that they’ve got a “loose agreement” with the organization that’ll be finalized pretty quickly once the labor situation is resolved (Oh please let that be soon!). Given the recent reports of teams being fined by the league for illegal contact with players, this might draw the attention of the governing body in a similar fashion.

The article (linked here) goes over some other interesting Ram’s topics, from draft and free agency needs to the development of Bradford over the course of the lockout. Good read for all you Greatest Show on Turf fans.