The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the NCAA could potentially be docking the University of Maryland Football Program a couple scholarships for lacking academic standards (Article here). The standards require student athletes to graduate and maintain certain academic levels of achievement, which Maryland has been progressively slipping. I’ll leave it to you all to read the article to hear the break down and theories as to why this happened.

However, I will say that for a school that often touts its academics as a reason why top flight athletes are not admitted (cough cough Gary Williams cough cough) they seem to be failing at both ventures. If the school cannot bring in elite talent for that reason then they should at least be well above the 925 minimum APR rating. There point is made that this is only a one year failure, but they also mention that the rating had been deteriorating due to a combination of athletes leaving for the pros and academics. The number of Maryland football players heading to the NFL early is minimum, which leaves a good chunk of this failure to fall on the grades. Hopefully, the NCAA does the right thing and grants a temporary waiver for the new administration and coaching staff to prove they’ve righted the ship.