Maybe it’s since they’ve won the Championship this past season, or perhaps they’ve just been doing it the required amount of years before it all falls apart (ask SMU about that time table). At any rate, it seems that the rats are crawling out of the Auburn woodwork to start tearing apart the program. HBO is getting ready to air a program that goes in depth to the question of whether college athletes should be paid or not. In it, they’ll hammer Ohio State and Auburn, reportedly. John Taylor of CFT links to the continued talk about the Auburn program.

Now reportedly these attacks focus on the Tommy Tuberville era, which wasn’t a particularly successful era anyway, but it certainly isn’t going to make the NCAA look any less close at the Auburn program. I think most of us outside of Auburn expect there to be a crackdown in the future, similar to the Reggie Bush one, but this could really knock the program into the stone age.  Four players will be talking about being paid. One allegedly received $4,000 for garnering 4 sacks in a game v Alabama.

There is a statue of limitations in the NCAA of 4 years. Reportedly half the players fall outside of that threshold, but there could be precedent to look farther back because of the shear volume of allegations to be unleashed against the program.

It shouldn’t go without being noted that Ohio State didn’t win anything this year, but is possibly deeper in the mud than Auburn. Tressel is suspended, their star players are out as well, and reportedly this same program will talk about essentially prostitution in their recruiting practices. Either way, the question of whether players should be or shouldn’t be paid for playing may be irrelevant after all these come out.

If you have HBO check this one out tonight. Then come tell me about it. I’ll write  your review =)