Having been doing this almost a week now, I’m falling into a pattern of daily updates to the draft rumor page (go look at it for some good links to stuff) and then attempting to crank out a decent post on something bigger 3 or 4 times a week. We’ll see if I can gear up for a seven times a week, or possibly discover the location of the my fellow blogger (I think the soccer fans got him!).

At any rate, I decided to take a look and parse through some of the rumors going about quarterbacks, seeing as its the biggest position need in the NFL.

Let’s go with Kevin Kolb to open. (Odds the team makes a trade in the near future for him)

Should the injunction against the lockout pass (count me as one who hopes it doesn’t in order to speed up a potential deal (or better yet lets hope for a delayed lockout post draft so that free agency can hit)), free agency will resume. This means teams are capable of trading players, which puts some big name quarterbacks on the market. None of which is bigger than Kevin Kolb. He’s shown flashes of brilliance in his short periods of play and the capacity to win games, so who’s in the market for him.

The biggest name out there is Arizona, who apparently is a superbowl caliber team with a quarterback, and a top 5 pick without one. They feature elite wide receivers and a strong defense. If they can get a guy to manage the game they should be contending in a weak NFC West. Kolb could do more than manage. He’s groomed in the west coast, which isn’t quite Wisenhunt’s offense, but there’s not reason to think he couldn’t adapt to a new system.

3-1 Odds

Next on the list is Cincinnati, who Adam Schefter connects the coaching dots as a likely trade partner. The Palmer ultimatum will give them additional ammunition to try to gain Kolb, again presuming that the lockout will not be in effect come draft time. Kolb looks to be a better fit for Cincinnati, who are trying to install a west coast system, which Kolb has been a part of in Philadelphia. The Bengals also have a young, stout defense and play makers scattered around the offense, enough that consistent quarterback play should put them in contention with the Steelers and Ravens.

7-1 Odds

Washington is an outside shot at Kolb, having been burned by the Eagles in a quarterback trade already, and reportedly loving Jake Locker last year and somewhat this year (PFT has them taking Locker 10th overall). Kolb would fit in with the Redskins, but the surrounding talent is much less than the first two examples. The Redskins have a lot of work to do to turn their franchise around, but the do run a modified west coast and have decent skill position players in place. Kolb does have a history of injuries so their porous offensive line would be a detriment to his ability to excel.

20-1 Odds

Minnesota is another potential destination for Kolb, though Leslie Frazier appears to be set on drafting his guy. There are still some holdovers in Minnesota from the Andy Reid tree, although the Childress line would’ve been stronger, enough to like the pairing. The Vikings got ridiculous talent at WR and RB as well as a veteran offensive line and a still formidable defense. This is a team that is on the verge of having to rebuild, but could squeak a couple good playoff runs with strong quarterback play.

10-1 Odds

Seattle is a dark horse candidate for Kolb. They’ve still go Hasselbeck in the mix and they’ve been looking heavily at the quarterback class available, which leads me to believe they’ll draft before trading for Kolb. They’ve got a new team chemistry going that would welcome Kolb into the mix (him being a cast off and overlooked in Philly).

15-1 Odds

Is there any team more desperate for a quarterback than the Miami Dolphins? They’ve sniffed around every prospect in this years draft, including Tyrod Taylor from Virginia Tech. They’re discussed all the options, one of which is Kevin Kolb. Their offense is run oriented, but they long for the days of Dan Marino and, as is too often the case, replacing a great quarterback tends to take a long time. They’re looking for a rockstar (because that’s the type of personality that their ownership and fan base have adopted) and Kolb doesn’t quite fit that bill is the only hesitation, but the desire to win could overcome that. Long as they have Channing Crowder, I don’t think they’ll lack any bit of bravado.

8-1 Odds

There hasn’t been a lot of chatter about San Francisco looking at Kevin Kolb, but Jim Harbaugh has to be interested in a young quarterback, raised in the west coast system. I still suspect Harbaugh is holding out for Luck to come out, which may mean that he spends this draft accumulating picks for next years. Regardless there should be some interest between the two clubs. The 49ers are another talented team that lacks only the quarterback (at least in theory) to take them to the next level. And they reside in that pitiful NFC West, which is ripe for the taking…. if St. Louis hasn’t already taken it.