The last piece in my quarterback trade option series features Donovan McNabb. Frankly, the market seems pretty void for a character whose won as much as he has. Sure he’s old, got some mileage, but he’s been to a super bowl, won several division titles. The best you can figure is that because the young Kevin Kolb – who looks like a draft pick with experience – and the veteran Carson Palmer – who feels like a younger, more accurate version of McNabb – are on the market, that there’s not a whole lot of desire for McNabb. There are enough teams with quarterback needs that once those two move things should pick up for McNabb. The only other problem is Marc Bulger whose cheaper and seems to be more coveted by several teams. All that said here’s the market (its the same in general).

Arizona seems like the most likely destination, but he certainly not their first choice. They’re the team most desperate for quarterback play and Larry Fitzgerald would agree with McNabb coming in. Wisenhunt does a lot of deep throws, which is where McNabb’s at his best, and they’ve got a decent rushing attack to relieve some pressure on him. McNabb will be cheaper for them to acquire than Kolb or Palmer, which means they can continue to build in the draft, even taking a quarterback like Locker in the 2nd or 3rd round to groom under McNabb.

Odds 14-1

San Francisco seems less likely for McNabb, but there could be some interest there. He’s less accurate than a West Coast system desires and they won’t use as many deep throws as McNabb would like or be effective with. On the other hand, San Francisco is a team built to win in the next couple of years. They could make a push to get a rookie to groom this year or next while McNabb helms the team. Still, I would count this as a very unlikely destination. Palmer is a much better fit, as is Kolb and Bulger.

Odds 50-1

Miami loves the rockstar picks and McNabb has a bit of flare about him. He’s charismatic and a great leader, which this team lacks. They’re  a run first team, which should keep McNabb fresh down the stretch (assuming they can find a running back), and they got some speed at WR to stretch the field. That combination would cause some problems for defense if they can do both effectively. Miami looks like they’re looking long term, however, and is focused on the draft more than free agency. They’ve done their homework on Newton and Gabbert, as well as the 2nd and 3rd tier guys, which seems to mean that they’ll be looking there for an answer.

Odds 30-1

Minnesota is the most likely landing spot for McNabb. They have the pieces in place for a one to two year run. He’ll be cheaper to get and Minnesota lacks the draft picks to go all out for a Kolb or Palmer. The Vikings can draft a replacement now and work on developing him while trying to get the most out of their aging defense and offensive lines. It’s not what Minnesota fans want – another veteran quarterback stop gap – but if they can pull a couple big playoff runs, get some motivation for that new stadium efforts, and maybe sneak a superbowl out of it then it’ll be worth it.

Odds 10-1


EDIT: Just to semi-pat myself on the back: For your reading pleasure =) Yes I know it say’s its very vague the interest, but just the fact that a story backs my McNabb odds, I’ll take as a win. Suck it Andrew Squared!