A quick update for the coming draft. A lot of attention has centered around Da’Quan Bowers and his knee.  The general consensus is that his knee has some serious structural problems. Most reports say that he may need microfracture surgery, which is a pretty serious concern. His agent has been trying to downplay everything, but his pro day sounds like a pretty bad disappointment. All these added up to a big fall in the draft. Most expect him to go between 15-25 but there have been a few dropping him all the way out of the first. Its a tough conundrum. His talent and potential when healthy are pretty exciting. If his knee can recover, a team could be making a great pick in the 20s.

Most teams look at first round picks as locks. They want those players playing week 1 and playing long term, which is why durability concerns are so important in the first. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him plummet back to the late 20s. There you’re getting good value for a high pick potential player and not costing yourself a lot. The Patriots are a team that could consider doing it late because they have a few picks to pull the trigger on a player like Bowers.


Mark Ingram is another concerned player. It sounds like his legs have taken on a lot of mileage at Alabama and there’s some concern he won’t hold up. Miami would be a good fit for him because they’ll likely split carries and thus increase his longevity. They’ll need a couple of backs to do that, but Ingram is a physical guy that could carry a load. The talk, however, is that he’s slipping out of round one. Mikel Leshore is benefiting from this. They’re a lot closer stock wise than they were before, with Ingram holding a bit of an edge, but the durability concerns could mean that Leshore passes Ingram. At this point, I wouldn’t expect either to go in the 1st, but both should come off the board early 2nd.

Titus Young’s stock is also on the down slope after pretty slow times at the combine. The comparisons to DeSean Jackson were always a little off-based, but with Jackson in the 4.3s and Young in the 4.5s its clear they’re not the same player. Young is a chain mover who can get deep as well. He won’t burn everyone, but his route running is fantastic which should mean he gets good separation at the next level. His combine has taken him from a 1st to a 2nd round grade and there’s talk he might fall as far as the 3rd round. That seems about the right place for him though. He’ll be a good slot receiver, maybe a number 2 at the next level.

Danny Watkins is a big time guard out of Baylor whose on the move up. Guards have a tough time making it to the 1st round, but there are some occasions where they do. This draft is relatively weak, which means guys like Pouncey and Watkins find ways into the 1st. Watkins won’t pass Pouncey, but he might sneak his way into the late 20s. Teams that like big sized guys will love Watkins and could move back to grab him.

Robert Quinn is another name making a small move up. Mayock said he was top 5 talent at the combine but he didn’t wow anyone. He’s got a crazy size and speed combination.  I wouldn’t call him a hybrid, but a lot of teams are thinking about it if he can run as fast as he does. One report said he has “violent hands” which is a new adjective for me even. He was hanging around the 10-15 range but a lot of mocks are moving him up to the 5ish range. The Browns have been a target but I think he’ll be a better fit in a 4-3 than a 3-4. Still, part of the reason he’s on the way up is because teams are finding him to be scheme versitile.