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A post on PFTtoday had an intriguing idea.  Chris Johnson stated that Vince Young could possibly come back to the Titans.

Remember when we thought he'd be going to this type of game a lot more often?

While this seems unlikely as of this moment, I think it is something that the Titans should seriously consider.  With their position in the draft, it seems very unlikely they will land a QB in the first round, and only may be able to pick up one in the second round (they could of course trade around, but I see no way they get either Gabbert or Newton).  Even if they do grab one, do they really just want to throw him into the ring?  Kerry Collins is an old man, and I doubt he will hold up through the season.  Chris Simms, Brett Ratliff, and Rusty Smith are not the answer either (although Rusty Smith is a leading candidate for best QB name in the NFL).  It also seems unlikely they will land someone like Kevin Kolb or Marc Bulger.

There is no knowing how Young would act under Munchak’s reign.  My guess is that it may not be great, but this year is absolutely a rebuilding year for the Titans regardless.  Even if they keep Young for only one year, it will allow them to draft/trade/sign one next year, or draft one this year and let him learn the system.

Argue about Young’s work ethic and his sportsmanship, but the man can still win games.  The Titans should at least consider bringing him back in order to at least look competitive every once in awhile, and prepare to draft and/or groom their future QB.