UFL announced a couple of semi-major quarterbacks to sign to teams in their league. Colt Brennan and Pat White.

Brennan is remembered best for his uncharacteristic delivery and a high octane offense while at Hawaii that brought them into a BCS (as well as a resounding defeat).

Pat White is now best remembered as a pick Bill Parcell’s regrets. He was the West Virginia mobile quarterback who was talked about in baseball as well as football. He was figured to open up the wildcat to a new level of complications, but he couldn’t see the field.

Both are intriguing additions to the UFL because they’ve traditionally gone with more experienced veterans instead of younger players. I’ve always thought that the UFL should act like a development league by securing rookie free agents and younger players looking to show they can make an impact. Hopefully this signals a change in that direction. Brennan looked good in pre-season games at Washington and never got a shot in Jim Zorn’s last year at the helm. Pat White may finally see how good a mobile quarterback can be in a professional league.

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