If you’ve checked in with ESPN, NFL Network, PFT, etc etc etc you’ll see that we’ve arrived on draft day. The trade speculation is about full force here so here are some of the rumors flying around.

Texans making a move up to 5 to get Patrick Peterson. Cardinals pull the trigger if Von Miller is gone and don’t see Gabbert as a fit.

Cowboys move back to 17 with the New England Patriots who move up presumably for Cameron Jordan or a pass rusher.

Oakland has Colin Kaepernick as the top quarterback and are trying to move back into the first round (reportedly Miami has him rated very highly and could take him at 15).

Tampa Bay will move ahead of New England (don’t know if they can move all the way past if New England moves up) to select JJ Watt, Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Jordan or Robert Quinn.

With that said, here’s a couple of trades I think are likely.

Tennessee Titans/ San Francisco 49ers  move up with Baltimore at 26, New England at 28, or Green Bay at 32 in order to select their quarterback of choice (Titans might be looking at Kaepernick or Dalton) (49ers will look to Dalton or Ponder). Both these teams have the ammo to make a move like that, and all three of these teams will be willing to drop down. New England I think is more a target for whoever hasn’t already moved into the first and will drive up the price for the pick (likely to include a next years 1st round).

Miami Dolphins trade down. I would wager that they’ll move down and there are a slew of options. Atlanta wants to move up to get Julio and if he gets past the Rams that could be a good point for them to make a break at him, or Tampa trying to get a hold of one of their coveted defensive ends.

New England will move up (possibly Dallas). New England can be wherever they want to be in this draft, and if you look at their roster, they’re set on pieces except for a couple of slots. They simply don’t have the roster spots available to draft with all their picks. That means they’ll be converting them into next year picks and moving up to select guys they like.

Washington or Minnesota will trade down and get a hold of Locker. Both are desperate for picks and if they don’t move down they’ll be quarterback less. Both could go veteran routes this season, but they’d like to get a young signal caller to groom. Whichever team can find a suitor to move with will win the Locker race because neither will be getting back into the 1st.