A couple of things that are building before we start the 2nd round and some recap of the first.

Firstly, Atlanta. Still cannot get over how much was given up by the Falcons to get a hold of Julio Jones. The 6th pick is conventionally worth 1600 points. The picks they gave up this year is worth relatively 1000. Unless they finish in the superbowl, they lost some value point wise. If Julio is the one piece and gets them a championship, then no doubt it’ll be worth the move, but without those picks they don’t have a lot to work with next year to try to get a hold of a piece to get them over the hump.

The Bears and Ravens seem to be heading towards a confrontation over this failed trade. Baltimore is seeking a compensation pick from the Bears because they didn’t make the call. Bears GM Jerry Angelo took the blame for the problem, so even if there’s no precedent he’s admitted fault. If the NFL agrees with the Ravens there will be precedent for other failed trades to be awarded compensation so I would imagine that they’ll deny the Ravens and maybe slip them a higher pick in next years compensatory pick selection if anything.

Lot of talk about the Chargers making a play to get up for Akeem Ayers or Brooks Reed. They’ve lacked an elite pass rusher since Merriman stopped taking steroids and Larry English hasn’t erupted. They have 2 second round picks to work with, but it might take more to move up that high.

The 2nd round will feature runs on QBs, WRs, and probably cornerbacks. I’m guessing the Quarterback run will happen early with teams trying to position themselves for their guy. Oakland loves Kaepernick and will find a way to get him while the Bengals haven’t hidden the fact that they love Dalton which could make another team jumping them more likely.

WRs should start coming off the board about the middle of the 2nd with several prospects available. There are a lot of teams that need more play-makers on the outside.

Corner is a really weak position in this draft (its one reason the Ravens took Jimmy Smith despite character concerns and its why its so surprise that Prince Amukamara fell as far as he did). If a team has a corner need they may reach a bit for a corner. There are only 4 or 5 that could have 2nd round grades.