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Team: Arizona Cardinals

1st Round- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
2nd Round – Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech
3rd Round – Robert Housler, TE, Florida Atlantic
4th Round – Sam Acho, DE/OLB, Texas
5th Round – Anthony Sherman, RB, Conn
6th Round – Quan Studivant, LB, UNC
6th Round – David Carter, DT, UCLA
7th Round – Demarco Sampson, WR, San Diego St

Arizona started this draft solid with Patrick Peterson. Its a excellent pick, maybe the best in this draft, simply because he is the best player in this draft and even if he doesn’t work out at corner he’ll play a fantastic safety. They followed it up with a lot of confusing picks. Ryan Williams puts Beanie Wells on notice but doesn’t make sense because there were other players that fit needs and were good value whereas Ryan Williams is another high value pick at RB. They could have found another equally talented RB later on. Housler is a big reach for me. I liked several other tight ends earlier than him. Acho fills a pass rush hole if he can provide it, and then they drafted another running back. Double drafting a position that wasn’t of need is either staying remarkably true to your board, or foolish. They’ll have 5 RBs on roster now and will have to cut one or two. I did like the Quan Studivant pick to pair with Daryl Washington on the inside, and Sampson is a good flyer on what could be a very talented WR.

Draft Grade:  B-

Team: Seattle Seahawks

1st Round – James Carpenter, T/G, Alabama
3rd Round – John Moffitt, G, Wisconsin
4th Round – K.J. Wright, LB, Miss. St
4th Round – Kris Durham, WR, Georgia
5th Round – Richard Sherman, DB, Stanford
5th Round – Mark Legree, FS, Appalachian State
6th Round – Byron Maxwell, DB, Clemson
7th Round – Lazarius Levingston, DL, LSU
7th Round – Malcolm Smith, OLB, USC

Unlike the Arizona, the Seahawks had a big need at running back and didn’t address it. They did work on another hole, their offensive line, but in most regards poorly. Carpenter was an early to mid 2nd round prospect that they took very early (clearly trying to trade down but not getting any good offers). Moffitt was a good selection in the 3rd but most believed K.J. Wright to be a reach at LB, hes a project at best. Several analysts have claimed they’re disgusted with how Carroll is operating the draft, and I can’t disagree with them. He seems to be following his board, but his board seems to be vastly different from everyone else’s and he’s reaching for prospects he doesn’t have to. They didn’t find a RB, QB, CB, or defensive end, but were at least looking to improve their line.

Draft Grade: C+

Team: San Francisco 49ers

1st Round – Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri
2nd Round – Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
3rd Round – Chris Culliver, DB, South Carolina
4th Round – Kendall Hunter, RB, OK St
5th Round – Daniel Kilgore, OL, Appalachian State
6th Round – Ronald Johnson, WR, USC
6th Round – Colin Jones, DB, TCU
7th Round – Bruce Miller, DL,  Central Florida
7th Round – Michael Person, OL, Montana St
7th Round – Curtis Holcomb, DB, Florida A&M

Jim Harbaugh did a solid job working the draft this year. Some saw Aldon Smith as a reach for the 49ers but he looks like one of the better stand up pass rushers and this team has not had a presence there in awhile. Several teams had Kaepernick highly rated because of his potential, and Kendall Hunter is good depth at RB. I also like Ronald Johnson as a late round shot on a talented kid. The Culliver pick is a little out of left field as he was not particularly productive his college career and they didn’t do a lot to fix their weakness in the secondary. Still it was a decent draft for them.

Draft Grade: B

Team: St. Louis Rams

1st Round – Robert Quinn, DE, UNC
2nd Round – Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin
3rd Round – Austin Pettis, WR, Boise St
4th Round – Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii
5th Round – Jermale Hines, DB, Ohio St
7th Round – Mikail Baker, DB, Baylor
7th Round – Jabara Williams, OLB, Stephen F. Austin
7th Round – Jonathan Nelson, DB, Oklahoma

This was a very fine draft. They found good value with Quinn, and pairing him with Chris Long is a fantastic move. They’re still weak on the interior D-Line, but at least have the big time edge rushers in place. They had to find Bradford weapons, and took 3 targets in Kendricks, Pettis, and Salas. Combined with Clayton and Avery and maybe Amendola, that looks like  a solid receiving corp if Bradford can spread the ball around. They’re still lacking an elite number 1, but there were only 2 in this draft. The rest of their draft focused on defense and if they can get one started out of all those DB’s it’ll be a solid draft. Still would’ve liked to see them find a defensive tackle to shore up their rush defense.

Draft Grade: B+