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Signs seem to be pointing to Kolb going to the Cardinals.  While this is far from being certain, this would be a move with huge ramifications for the NFC West.  If having a 7-9 team win the division didn’t make it obvious, the NFC West is completely up for grabs this season.

Picking up Kolb would have obvious implications for the Cardinals.  Fitzgerald and Breaston still make a good 1-2 WR combination.  Ryan Williams will help take the burden off of Beanie Wells, who has not produced at a star-level so far.  Patrick Peterson should help what has been a poor passing defense in the past.  While far from a complete team, they have the pieces to compete in the NFC West.

In fact, for a division that was so miserable, the NFC West might become a fun division to watch next year, and who is going to win the division is completely up in the air.

The 49ers under new coach Jim Harbaugh are likely to improve, if not for the fact that last year they underperformed pretty badly.  Aldon Davis should improve the pass rush, and Colin Kaepernick is a kid I like going into the future (although I do not expect much of him next season if he even does play).  This is not a team that is entirely rebuilding either, with tools to work with on offense (Gore, Crabtree, Davis) and Defense (see: Patrick Willis).

The Seahawks, coming off their improbable run into the divisional round of the playoffs, are the most questionable team in the NFC West.  If they re-sign Hasselbeck, however, one cannot count them out of the picture for the NFC West.  Most of last year’s team will return, and if Carpenter works out, will hopefully improve a lackluster running game and protect the fragile Hasselbeck.

The Rams have to be a favorite for this conference for one reason: Sam Bradford.  The kid played amazingly well for a rookie last season, and will hopefully have Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery healthy (at least for awhile).  They also gave Bradford plenty of new weapons, including Lance Kendricks, who could be a fantastic pass-catching TE, as well as Greg Salas and Austin Pettis.  Robert Quinn may prove to be a fantastic pick, and I wouldn’t doubt it, since Spagnuolo seems to know a thing or two about DEs.

While I rave a bit about each of these teams, none of them are still likely to go far into the playoffs (the Rams possible being the only exception), and I doubt you will see a Wild Card team from the NFC West this year.

That being said, it would be nice to see this division not be a joke for once.