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Well seeing as someone isn’t doing their job, I’ll work on finishing up the AFC as well *cough cough*

Team: Denver Broncos

Round 1: Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M
Round 2: Rahim Moore, S, UCLA
Round 2: Orlando Franklin, OL, Miami
Round 3: Nate Irving, LB, N.C. State
Round 4: Quinton Carter, DB, Oklahoma
Round 4: Julius Thomas, TE, Portland St.
Round 6: Mike Mohamed, LB, California
Round 7: Virgil Green, TE, Nevada
Round 7: Jeremy Beal, DL, Oklahoma

It’s tough for me to rate this either good or bad. I love Von Miller, but so much more as a 3-4 linebacker. In a 4-3 he’s way to small currently to line up on the defensive line, so he’ll be asked to stand up. Last year, Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett took a upper echelon defense that ran a 4-3 scheme and demanded it convert to a 3-4. The results were very poor. Denver appears to be doing something similar. They cut all their defensive tackles (a position they didn’t address until the 7th round), will be moving Dumervil (presumably) back to the defensive line where he struggled before McDaniel stood him up. Their secondary has Champ Bailey but other than that, not a whole lot. I think this unit will be in a lot of trouble next year. Anyway, Von Miller will be covering people and stopping the run primarily, neither of which are his best attributes, which to me makes this a waste of a pick. I do like Rahim Moore in the 2nd. It’s good value for him and he fits a big need on the back end behind Bailey. He can clean up the throws. Franklin will be good as a RT or inside as a guard. Irving is also a solid pick for a linebacker corp that doesn’t have anything (other than Miller) and Green and Beal have a lot of talent if they’re coached up. As mentioned, they cut their defensive tackles and didn’t draft adequate replacements, but on the whole they took a lot of talented people to build out of, if they can coach them for the new roles well enough.

Draft Grade: B

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Round 1: Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh
Round 2: Rodney Hudson, G/C, FSU
Round 3: Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia
Round 3: Allen Bailey, DL, Miami
Round 4: Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado
Round 5: Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa
Round 5: Gabe Miller, LB, Oregon State
Round 6: Jerrell Powe, DL, MIssissippi St
Round 7: Shane Bannon, RB, Yale

This was a phenomenal draft. Rodney Hudson is a great fit for this system and style and should step in day one at guard or maybe even center. Houston slipped because a failed draft stock made teams question his decision-making, but in the 3rd they’re getting a 2nd round talent rush linebacker. Bailey will push Tyson Jackson week 1 for a starters role. Jalil Brown will be an excellent nickle corner because of his size and speed (his teammate in Jimmy Smith plays similar to him but with more talent), Stanzi will be a solid backup with the potential to surpass Cassel if he doesn’t produce. Miller is good special teams value, Powe is great depth on the line, and Bannon should be a good backup to Jamal Charles. My one nitpick is the first pick. So many teams had dropped Baldwin because he is not a good teammate. He is part of the reason Pittsburgh derailed last year, he threw his coach and team under the bus when he left which all GM’s and coaches hate, and is a perenial under-performer. He’s got all the talent he needs to thrive in the NFL, but this is a team built on chemistry and he simply does not fit them currently. Maybe I’m wrong, but this draft is an A+ with Gabe Carimi here instead of Baldwin.

Draft Grade: A

Team: Oakland Raiders

Round 2: Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn State
Round 3: Demarcus Van Dyke, CB, Miami
Round 3: Joseph Barksdale, OL, LSU
Round 4: Chimdi Chekwa, DB, Ohio State
Round 4: Taiwan Jones, RB, Eastern Washington
Round 5: Denarius Moore, WR, Tenn
Round 6: Richard Gordon, TE, Miami
Round 7: David Ausberry, WR, USC

This is another great draft. Wisniewski’s dad is coaching for the Raiders and a longtime player for them. He knows the situation already and should fit in nicely. Van Dyke could be a servicable replacement for Nnamdi Asomougha, plus they picked up another talented corner in Chimdi Chekwa. Either could be starting week 1 and both should be reliable guys down the road. Barksdale has a lot of talent if they can get it out of him, and he was decent value in the 3rd round. And of course we have the fastest player in the draft going to the Raiders in Jones. They addressed a lot of needs, particularly the soon to be corner back hole, but didn’t find much to help their offense go. Michael Bush could be out this year, but with the re-emergence of Darren McFadden splitting time with Jones, and two new offensive linemen, they ought to feature a strong running game to protect Jason Campbell.

Team: San Diego Chargers

Round 1: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois
Round 2: Marcus Gilchrist, CB/S, Clemson
Round 2: Jonas Mouton, LB, Michigan
Round 3: Vincent Brown, WR, SDST
Round 3: Shareece Wright, DB, USC
Round 6: Jordan Todman, RB, UCONN
Round 6: Steve Schilling, OL, Michigan
Round 7: Andrew Gachkar, OLB, Missouri

This draft starts in the 3rd round for me. I like Vincent Brown and Wright for depth and security for the Vincent Jackson situation. Plus both have the talent to really play. Todman is a good split for Mathews or Sproles, whoever ends up as starter. Their first three picks concern me. Liuget doesn’t have the size at really to play a DE in a 3-4. He looks more to me like a 4-3 guy and could struggle, but he is one of the most talented interior linemen in this draft so I won’t rule out his succeeding. Gilchrist will probably be asked to play safety if they’re losing Eric Weddle, so it fills a need, but most didn’t have him this high. He has good coverage skills so might work out in a 3 safety set as a nickle type player. Mouton, most agree, is a reach for the 2nd round. He can be a special teamer more than anything, which is definitely a big need for this team. Frankly, I think San Diego thinks they have enough talent to win now and felt that their special teams was the major failing. Thus A.J. Smith addressed the problem without looking for long term starters. We’ll see if he’s right in this coming year, but I wonder about the direction he took this draft.

Draft Grade: C+