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Well it happened pretty quick. The Vikings went from stuck trying to get more state funding, to having two proposals on the table. They announced today that they’ve agreed with Ramsey County to construct this new ballin’ stadium.

It’s going to be a pretty expensive undertaking, though Jerry Jones’ title isn’t in any danger. The Vikings website article reports that the new stadium will be a retractable roof stadium (hurray for stadiums not being complete cowards about playing a cold weather sport in the cold weather) that should cost $884 million dollars. The Vikings will be putting in $407 million (44% of the stadium cost). There’s also an additional $173 million for “on-site infrastructure, parking, and environmental costs.”

As you might’ve guessed, I’m a big fan of this (watch the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall and Robin go to a Minnesota bar to really appreciate a devoted fan base). The stadium looks very nice and modern. It’s got a sleek look similar to that of the Seattle Seahawks stadium. And as previously debated, I’m in favor of NFL expansion not relocation so Los Angeles can continue to push the NFL while current cities thwart their efforts.

The deal isn’t quite done yet, with some state legislation to get pushed through, but at this point the hard work has been done.

(Congrats Sam, our resident Vikings fan)