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For the longest time, people have been discussing where Kolb will end up, and how much the Eagles would get.  Before the NFL Draft, it seemed like the Eagles would be getting themselves a big deal because of the desperate need for QB.

Now, however, things aren’t looking as good for the Eagles.

The Eagles want at least a 1st round pick for Kolb, which is understandable, but also means that it won’t be hard to tell which teams will be going for him.  It’s those that need a starting QB badly who are going to shell out the 1st round pick.

It’s certainly not all the Eagles fault.  The lockout has prevented a trade, and if there had been no lockout, kolb could already be in another town, and the Eagles having had 2-3 more draft picks.  Now, however, things get more cloudy.

The two teams that are consistently mentioned with Kolb are the Seahawks and the Cardinals, but both have their eyes elsewhere too.  Barring some unforeseen circumstances, it seems that Marc Bulger will be going to the Cardinals, making it unlikely they will get Kolb as well.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck both seem open to a reunion, and just like the Cards, bringing in the vet makes it unlikely they will be willing to dish out the first for Kolb.

After these two teams it gets thinner.  The Dolphins have been mentioned in the past, but not drafting a QB suggests they’re willing to give Henne another chance (which I think he deserves).  The Bills are convinced that they can with Ryan Fitzpatrick, and I think they’re not wrong.  The 49ers took Colin Kaepernick, who I think will make a good QB in the NFL if given time to learn the pace of the league, and they are okay with Alex Smith starting for a year until this point.  The Panthers took Cam Newton.  The Bengals took Andy Dalton.  The Browns may be an outside option, but Colt McCoy did well in a bad situation last year, and it looks like the new front office there is emphasizing picking up young blood to build upon, making the draft pick more important to them.

To sum it up, the list of trading partners for the Eagles is looking to get smaller.  The lockout may have seriously hurt he price they can get for Kolb.   His contract is up after the 2011 season, and it seems unlikely Kolb would be willing to take a pay cut and be a backup in the Eagles system.  It still seems likely that they could get a first round pick for Kolb, but I don’t see them getting much more than that.  If this lockout goes on too long and/or the market for him dries up, they might just have to accept a less-friendly deal.