Decided we’d look at some college athletics over the next few months (or forever if they don’t fix this lockout). We’ll start with some problems, as is usually the case when its off-season for college football.

Quinton Coples, defensive end at North Carolina, may be following in the footsteps of some other full season suspended athletes. The story is broken down on CFT here. If you don’t feel like reading here’s the scoop:

1. The NCAA sent letters to all draftees that implored them not to jeopardize their friends and former teammates eligibility by providing them benefits deemed impermissible by the NCAA.

2. Quinton Coples apparently attended a party in Washington D.C. at a bar with former teammates Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn (both of whom were suspended the year for similar stunts). The NCAA has thus began an investigation.

The potential stupidity behind this move is just inconceivable. To have watched a couple of your friends and teammates do almost the exact same thing and then post pictures on Facebook which is how they were caught is really beyond belief. Austin and Quinn are not skating by here either. If they’re really friends of Coples they wouldn’t have put him in this situation. At the least, we can hope that they were very clear with him about how this could endanger his eligibility and tell him he had to pay for everything on the trip. Regardless, it seems pretty foolhardy to attend such an event and then publish pictures when two teammates went down the same way.

Looking deeper, if you watched the ESPN 30 for 30 series on “The U”, you’ll know that Butch Davis has had other programs running out of control on him. Most of the violations at Miami were linked to the former administration under Dennis Erickson, but the program was not a model institution under Davis either. Mostly they were cited for on field problems and spawned several rules. It’s concerning again that Davis seems to have very little control over his players and can’t get through to them to keep them out of these types of situations.

Then again it could simply be a problem stemming from athletes who know they’re elite prospects at the next level and aren’t too concerned with what it’ll do to their stock.

I guess, in summation, keep an eye on North Carolina. This is a two year trend and they haven’t been squeaky clean before that. It’s a program on the rise, but they still haven’t accomplished anything because they can’t keep players on the field, and it doesn’t seem like Butch Davis cares so long as he brings in top recruits and cranks out some winning seasons.