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Tate Forcier, once golden boy of the Michigan Wolverines, is again talking about transfer destinations. He’s got another list of schools, including Montana, Auburn, and USC. Forcier is another example in a long line about how college kids end up when their programs are in flux, and is another reason why stability should be the most important factor for kids picking college who have pro aspirations.

Forcier doesn’t fit with the new scheme heading into place and won’t be the starter there. If he has an hopes of making a run at the next level he has to find a school that can showcase his abilities. Frankly, I don’t see that being the case. If he were to go to Auburn, he’d be skipping a year. Barrett Trotter is a junior and has 3 years experience with the Auburn style offense through practice. It’s hard to think that Forcier will be able to come in and take that role away. USC is even less likely. They run a very pro style system that Forcier doesn’t fit into at all. Montana is another unlikely destination. If he’s making the move down to D1-AA he should be sure he’s going to start there, and since Nate Montana has already made the move to Montana, the competition should make him wary of heading there. Forcier needs to look for a school that he can be guaranteed a starters role, even if it does mean sitting out a year. Supposedly San Diego St. is another target for Forcier. They have an incumbent senior at the helm in Ryan Lindley, so Forcier can sit out for the required year and step in ahead of two soon to be sophomores. Their style fits his more than the other options and will give him the best chance to perform to the best of his abilities.

Tate Forcier isn’t the only quarterback searching the country for a new school. Russell Wilson, ex NC State quarterback, is looking at Auburn and Wisconsin. His situation is very complicated, in that he has been signed by the Colorado Rockies, but hasn’t directly told the Rockies he intends to play football this year. Several rumors have him touring schools since his release from NC State.

Because he’s completed his degree, he can start immediately at a D1-A school without sitting out and with a year of eligibility and 3 years starting experience he should be an intriguing prospect for a couple of schools. Wisconsin and Auburn both feature quarterbacks who haven’t started games in their career and were ‘inconsistent’ in their spring games. Still, if he’s playing baseball until Sept. 5th (with a minor league affiliate of the Rockies) he’ll be hard pressed to learn a new offense in time to start week one. South Carolina was also rumored to be an option, as their fan base continues to fall in and out of love with Stephen Garcia.