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Carson Palmer

Let’s face it, we got little to talk about until free agency hits (please let the rumors that the lockout is almost over be true!).

Until then we’ll do some speculation and some criticism. We’re good at that.

Carson Palmer says hes out. He’s selling his house. He told us he’s got cash in the bank. And then we haven’t heard from him since. Now if that’s what you hear then you trade him… unless of course you’re Bengals owner Mike Brown. Mike Brown has a tendency to make business personal when it comes to football. He takes a lot of things as slights and he doesn’t stand for it. Now its one thing to try to stick it to some out of control players *cough cough* Chad* cough, but when you’re quarterback of almost a decade, who has put up with some horrendous drafting and generally bad ideas, asks you for a trade and you treat him like a crying child… thats personal.

Carson’s a stand up character. He’s walked the Bengal line for years. He’s stood up for Chad when no one else would. He’s kept Chad in line when he’s had to. He’s put in his dues with losing teams and bad organizations for years.

Here’s a similar example. Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers has also been a fairly model citizen in Carolina (yes there have been a couple scrapes here or there). He hasn’t gone out of his way to be a distraction or been a general nuisance to the organization. He’s also asked for a trade or release this off season to go searching for a championship. The Panthers, as a respectful organization should, has acknowledged that they’re rebuilding and thus has been very compliant (though they’ve been unable to release him just yet) about telling Smith that if he wants to go he can. Which, if you’ll notice, has made Smith even somewhat open to a return to the team. The Panthers were respectful of a players wishes – a player with similar credentials that Carson Palmer has – and may even be able to keep a viable receiver for Cam Newton to throw to.

By playing hardball with Carson, Mike Brown is fighting a battle by himself. Carson doesn’t seem too concerned if the Bengals don’t move him, and frankly the whole team has said they don’t want him back. Marvin Lewis, Jay Gruden, and company have all begun moving on via A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. There is simply no reason for the Bengals hang on to a quarterback that isn’t interested in being a part of the organization (or a wide receiver for that matter).

Now, if they go to Carson and say “alright, we’ll trade you” then they have a chance of gaining a couple draft picks to help their team continue to rebuild. Their defense is already solid, and with a couple more picks next year they can field a pretty nice offense as well.

And for those keeping track, I was in support of Chad Ochocinco/Johnson getting his trade or release a couple years back when he was making waves about it. If I’m running a football team, I want guys there that want to be there. If you’re not interested in it, I’ll get something for you and make my team better because of it.