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Reports are emerging (yes this is PFT report but it does come from Adam Schefter) that the Vikings and Redskins are talking about a trade for Donovan McNabb.


Let’s look at some facts. McNabb will not be on the Redskins roster when they break camp and head into the regular season.

The Vikings have a quarterback on the roster – Christian Ponder – and there are capable quarterbacks that are free to sign if they’re looking for a stop-gap – Marc Bulger, Matt Hasselbeck, etc

The trend the Vikings have begun to operate under is a disturbing one for any Vikings fan. They are consistently operating through splashy free agent signings and desperate trades. See Moss, Randy.

Their best players have all been drafted. Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Kevin Williams, E.J. Henderson, etc and their recent ventures into free agency – Bernard Berrian, Madieu Williams – haven’t yielded anything more than mediocre results.

The Vikings seem to me like a team that realizes they have an older team and are desperate to push through to a championship, when instead they need to be operating long-term. Leslie Frazier came in started this process by drafting Christian Ponder and stating they needed a long-term solution at quarterback, and yet here they are again linked to a veteran stop-gap quarterback. While Brett Favre did push them into the playoffs one year, he was disappointing the second. This team is more than one part away at this juncture and bringing in someone like McNabb for a year doesn’t help them nor McNabb. To make matters worse, they could potentially end up shipping out a draft pick for a player they most likely don’t need to trade for which could eventually hurt them as the Randy Moss disaster did this year.

If this deal does go through, it will be an incredible win for Mike Shanahan who has been something of a laughing-stock throughout his short tenure in D.C.