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As Kevin Kolb has often been a player of interest here on this website, I think it is only fair he receive a post on his farewell to Philadelphia.  Kolb has been traded to the Cardinals for (kinda) star CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick.  My fellow writer believes this trade was a good deal for both, and I am inclined to agree.  The Cardinals have been desperate for a QB (call me crazy, but Ike Skelton did not look like the future of the franchise), and with many of the top QBs gone and Orton’s fate undecided still in limbo, they had to pony up for Kolb.  After drafting Peterson in the first round of the draft this year, losing Rodgers-Cromartie became not nearly as big a blow to their defense, and probably tipped the scales in favor of the trade. The Eagles managed to leverage Kolb into a good trade, obtaining a very good CB who will immediately start opposite Asante Samuel, giving the Eagles a pretty scary tandem at CB and picking up a very nice draft pick for next season.  It seems all too easy to pick Philly to be the favorites in the NFC East next season.

The question of whether this trade was a good one rests on the back on Ken Whisenhunt and Kolb, however.  Kolb has garnered a ton of interest for someone who has only started seven games (not all of them gems), and the Cardinals gave up a good starting CB (still a rare commodity) and a high draft pick.  If Kolb cannot turn around this offense within the next two seasons, the Cardinals will most certainly look the part of the fool, and Whisenhunt will likely pay for it with his job.