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Some things to cover concerning moves this weekend.

First, Plaxico got above the veterans minimum, got to go to a Super Bowl contending team, and stays in New York. Looks like a good deal all around. The Jets aren’t particularly deep at wide receiver, so if Plax has anything left its a win for the Jets. The Jets continue to stack their roster and you’d be hard-pressed to find a team in the AFC more ready for a Superbowl run. It still hinges on Sanchez and their offensive line, but the skill positions are there… well maybe they could use help at RB considering Shonn Green tanked my fantasy team last year. Still finished 3rd.

Peyton Manning is the highest paid quarterback… kind of. He signs a nice deal with the Colts to close out his career. Frankly, they should sign him to a future coaching contract because he should be a terrific offensive coordinator / quarterback coach. The man has put in more hard work to be the best at his position and it’s good to see him sticking it out with one team. I, for one, appreciate those kinds of players who elect (when possible) to devote themselves to a town for their careers, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two. There are too few of those type of players these days who are willing to avoid the big money to stick it out. Football has a higher percentage because the quarterback position is so valuable that they’re hard to find on the free agent market. Side notes aside, Manning started slow last year and has had several surgeries in the off seasons so his health will be a concern long-term, but it’s the right move for the Colts. They just need to start preparing for life without Manning, at least more thoroughly than they have thus far.

Olin Kruetz’s departure from the Bears was not unexpected, but it seems to have been even more unpopular than most thought. The entire team is sticking up for their man, more than the usual ‘sorry to hear so and such leaving.” Compare this to the store of James Jones, who recently resigned with the Packers. Both players were on the outs looking in. Kruetz’s age and contract seem to be the reason for his departure, while Jones was a free agent. In both cases though, members of the team spoke up for those players, urging ownership to keep them. Jones was resigned, Kruetz was cut. Kruetz is contemplating retiring, but I think he could have a couple more good years if, say the Vikings, were looking for a veteran center.

Fullbacks on the move. Vontae Leach signed, currently, highest FB contract in the NFL and John Kuhn (KUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNN) is sticking around in Green Bay. Both are 3 year deals and smart moves for the Ravens and Packers respectively. The Ravens run an offense that requires their FB to block and McClain wanted carries. Kuhn has been vital in small ways all season. As for McClain, still no buzz about where he might go. Hard to sign a fullback that wants to be a running back, but he’ll land somewhere because he is a pro bowl caliber player.

The Market for Braylon Edwards is slimming. The Jets reportedly haven’t offered him anything, calling him a ‘diva’ and there has been little buzz around him. He’s got a lot of talent, but frankly he has a problem with the drops and has a history of distractions in Cleveland. Reportedly, Arizona has expressed some interest to place him opposite Larry Fitzgerald. Arizona also signed Todd Heap which is another nice pickup for Kolb to work with.