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Yes indeed, and thank whatever powers above you hold faith in that it is so. We didn’t have to wait for the first big college football showdown to get our football fix, as tonight several NFL preseason games went off. We’ll post a few comments on each of the games here.

Editors note: Only watched significant time of the Baltimore – Philadelphia and San Diego – Seattle games. Rest of comments are based on reports of the games and box scores. Sorry I don’t have direct TV.

Philadelphia Eagles 13 – Baltimore Ravens 6

The starters in this game didn’t play much so there wasn’t a whole lot to take away. Michael Vick looks poised. He only played one series but was 4-6 74 yards and a score, which was enough to decide this game. His reads were solid. The big concern with Vick has been picking up the blitz pre-snap, and while new Ravens defensive coordinator didn’t bring a lot of heat, Vick handled the Ravens defense well on several big plays. Riley Cooper, whose currently probably about 4th on the depth chart in Philly, looked good making a few big plays. The Eagles defense also looked solid. They gave up a couple big plays when Flacco connected with 2nd year tight end Dennis Pitta on the first play from scrimmage in the game and a 21 yard pass to Ray Rice, but they shut them down about midfield and held to a field goal. Flacco played for a couple of series, going 3-6 for 60 yards. The biggest concern for the Ravens has to be their offensive line. Oher struggled at left tackle, Reid and Cousins struggled throughout the game. Expect the Ravens to try to find a veteran to bring in on the line in the next few days.

Seattle 24 – San Diego 17

All the fantasy football fans with Phillip Rivers smiled a little wider after watching this game. Rivers had a perfect QB rating after going 5-6 for 87 yards and a score. He wasn’t in long, but looked very sharp while he was. Tavaris Jackson played limited snaps, going 3-5 for only 13 yards. He’s still learning the system so his lack of production is to be expected. Charlie Whitehurst came in and went 10-14 for 115 yards. He looked solid as well, but has a year in Pete Carroll’s offense. This game featured a kickoff return for a touchdown despite frequent mentions by the Monday Night Football crew that the kickoff game was ruined (although I happen to agree with that assessment). Seattle looks promising, but has a way to go before they’ll compete with the big boys in the NFL. Residing in the NFC West might be enough for them to sneak into the playoffs again if they can get solid play out of Jackson. The Chargers, as usual, look strong, but they frequently do and find ways not to win games.

New England 47 – Jacksonville 12

This game didn’t feature starters for the most part. New England sat Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Chad Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth, Vince Wilfork and others. Jacksonville sent rookie Blaine Gabbert out due to David Garrard’s injury, but also sat most of their starters. Instead of Tom Brady, quarterback Brian Hoyer, and rookie Ryan Mallett torched the Jacksonville defense. Both look sharp against 2nd and 3rd team defense. While that doesn’t sound like it says much, Blaine Gabbert and Todd Bouman’s underwhelming performances show the stark difference in play. Gabbert was 9-16 for 85 yards, Bouman was 2-10 for 35 yards and a pick. In comparison, Brian Hoyer was 15-21 for 171 and a score. Ryan Mallett was 12-19 for 164 and a score. Clearly, reports of New England’s offensive units being out of sync has been slightly exaggerated.

Dallas 24 – Denver 23

This is a game I really wish I could have seen. Denver, embroiled in an ugly quarterback controversy, gave Orton little playing time. He was 2-6 for 37 yards. Tebow got 4 drives and converted 2 into field goals. He was 6-7 for 91 yards. Tebow still shows pretty poor mechanics, and as many expected, when pressed he reverts to his old throwing motion. It’s still young in his career, but he needs to start showing progress towards a new motion if he intends to make it as a passer. Quinn got a large chunk of time, and seemed efficient if not explosive. He was 8-14 for 120 yards and a score. Only Dallas’ side, Romo played sparingly as well (3-5 33 yards). Stephen McGee provided a wild scramble for a score and 2 more on the way to his 14-24 208 3 TDs and 1 INT. Both defenses looked average, more concerning for Rob Ryan’s unit which needs to improve their play from last year.

Arizona – Oakland

Coming soon!! Check back!