Sad to say, I hope we do not see the U play in 2012.

For those of you who enjoy college football and haven’t read the article on what has occurred at ‘the U’ over the past decade, READ THIS NOW.

It truly has every bad thing that one could do for NCAA players short of murder.  There’s cash handouts, clubs, prostitutes, even an abortion.  Not only that, but several coaches have been indicated, including a couple former assistant football coaches and the former head basketball coach.  Never has a case against a school looked so serious as it does for the University of Miami.  The only case that’s really comparable is Southern Methodist scandal of the late 80’s, and I think what has been happening in Miami is even more egregious in terms of both size and scope.

I think the only option the NCAA has, if it can corroborate everything in the article above, is to issue the death penalty for at least one year, if not two or three years (my vote would be for two).  For those who don’t know, the ‘death penalty’ is when the NCAA bars a school from competing in said sport for however much time.  This can kill a program, as it drives away recruits, sends commits running, and other players transfer.  Essentially, Miami would have to build from scratch.  SMU has never fully recovered from the blow, and took nearly two decades to return to a bowl game.  Miami would probably not take this long to recover due to its fame and how large the school is, but it needs to be set straight.

It’s time for the NCAA to set an example for other schools out there.  Scandals at places like USC and OSU have been mild in comparison to this, and schools have to know they will be punished both in stature and in the wallet if the NCAA wants to be taken seriously.  As a fan of many of their former players, I’d hate to say it, but it’s time to give this program the death penalty.