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The first meaningful football games are being played currently.  Mississippi State v Memphis and Wisconsin v UNLV. Both have reached a point where I feel confident wrapping up the games.

Mississippi State v Memphis

I haven’t seen as much of this one, except to say that RB Vick Ballard is dominating. He’s got 8 carries for 164 (yes folks, that’s a 20.5 yard average) and 2 scores through two and a half quarters. Quarterback Chris Reif is also handling the Memphis defense to the tune of 13 – 21, 202 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 picks. None of this should be a surprise as Mississippi State resides in the South Eastern Conference, but its good to see the team start off strong. I don’t think Memphis wanted this game to come out this way, but the results probably aren’t surprising to them.

Wisconsin v UNLV

And at least they’re doing better than UNLV, who has received a brutal beating at the hands of Russell Wilson. Wilson was ruthlessly efficient (10-13 255 2 TDS) before being pulled after Wisconsin racked up a 51-7 lead. Wilson also took a snap and ran 46 yards to the house. That’s precisely what Wisconsin wanted when they re-recruited him out of NC State; an efficient game manager that could make plays if needed.

Surprisingly, UNLV hasn’t looked inept against this vaunted Wisconsin defense. Caleb Herring, UNLV QB, has struggled and doesn’t have the tools that the Badgers quarterback has, but the ground game has been solid – 33 for 139 at a 4.2 average. This is another expected result but it’s a very good opening game for Russell Wilson and Wisconsin, who did exactly what they needed – pounded the rock, played good defense (mostly), and showed their fan base what they can be excited about this year: a very good college quarterback.

Breathe in football fans. The long wait is over. Go to hell baseball!