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I’m going to make this into a blog-able post because I want to. Hell there’s some news in this, but it’s mostly because I want to alert everyone to an incredible and awesome phenomenon occurring in Texas.

As many of you might be aware, the Texas Longhorns struggled against BYU Saturday. Incumbent quarterback Garrett Gilbert was  2-for-8 with 2 picks before getting pulled in the Longhorn’s come from behind win. His replacement was sophomore quarterback Case McCoy. Yes, McCoy… as in the younger brother of former Longhorn’s quarterback Colt McCoy.

Case McCoy brought the team back going 7/8 for 57 yards. It’s not a wow line, but it was much improved. The Longhorn’s ran the ball and McCoy managed the game and utilized Freshman receiver Jaxon Shipley for 3 receptions for 39 yards.

Yes, Jaxon Shipley…. brother of Jordan Shipley, current Bengal slot receiver. Former Longhorn wide receiver and best bud of Colt McCoy.

That’s right sports fans. The Texans are bringing back the National Championship hook up of McCoy to Shipley.

It’s a rare occurrence and one I find hilarious, awesome, and I honestly hope it works out like the previous did. Hard not to root for a combination like that.

That’s all. Just enjoy that news for a bit.