After a good start to the predictions (at least for me), we continue with out predictions for week 2.  Not much else to say, except that read these carefully, and prepare to mock us in several days.

I’m sure that Cole will add his picks shortly.  Just gives you more time to digest my (lack of) wisdom.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh (1pm)

  • Andy: Pittsburgh rebounds against a team with a pretty ghastly offense.  Seattle begins to realize they may not even go 7-9 this season.  27-10 Pittsburgh
  • Cole:  Poor Seattle. Pittsburgh walked into a hornet’s nest week 1 against Baltimore. Seattle will do the same this week. The Steelers will rebound against a west coast team traveling east. Also, Big Ben moved the ball relatively well against Baltimore, but turned it over at critical times. If he can avoid that, this won’t even be close.   30- 6 Pittsburgh

Oakland @ Buffalo (1pm)

  • Andy: Oakland could control the clock with their running game, but Buffalo’s passing game is much better than Denver’s, and Oakland just cannot seem to win out of division.  Buffalo continues to dream the impossible.  24-14 Buffalo
  • Cole: Oakland will run DMC again, while mixing in Michael Bush to keep McFadden fresh. Campbell needs to improve this week if he wants to avoid calls for Terrell Pryor (Yes, Kyle Boller, the fans will not mind skipping you in the rotation). Buffalo is expected to continue its spread attack and Oakland’s secondary is still evolving. This will be a close game, but Fitzpatrick finds a way late.   27-21 Buffalo

Arizona @ Washington (1pm)

  • Andy:  A lot of this game runs on if Washington’s defense is really as good as it was in the 2nd half last week.  I expect another admirable performance, and with Arizona’s weak secondary it may be enough.  21-17 Washington
  • Cole: This is tough to judge. Arizona’s pass defense was simply atrocious last week. I think that they loaded the box attempting to force Newton to throw, and were surprised to find he could. With Washington I’ll expect a more balanced defensive strategy. But its a west coast team heading east and Washington’s defense was excellent week one. 17-14 Washington

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota (1pm)

  • Andy: The good news for Minnesota is Donovan McNabb will throw for more than 39 yards this week.  The bad news is he will still perform poorly.  Unless AD has 200 yards, I don’t see how Minnesota can win this week.  21-13 Tampa Bay
  • Cole: I almost picked Tampa for my survivor pick this week, but frankly I want to see them play to their potential before calling them anything. Their game plan last week was simply awful. I do expect Adrian Peterson to torch this defensive line, but I’m not quite sure its enough. Still, I think Tampa hasn’t proven anything and Minnesota will find themselves with just enough. 21 – 13 Minnesota

Jacksonville @ New York Jets (1pm)

  • Andy: Luke McCown and company face a much better team than the Titans this week.  If the Jaguars get more than 7 points, they can walk home with a moral victory.  24-6 New York Jets
  • Cole: Rex doesn’t have a pass rush, his run defense was underwhelming last week and his offense inept for large chunks of the game. All that said, they’re much better than the Jaguars. 19 – 3 New York Jets

Chicago @ New Orleans (1pm)

  • Andy: Great game for Chicago week 1.  Doesn’t play out the same way in the New Orleans, with the Saints looking for redemption for their own week 1 loss.  30-17 New Orleans
  • Cole: Chicago surprised Atlanta, but New Orleans won’t let that happen. The Saints will value a win here much more knowing that the Falcons still have the Packers to play later. 34 – 21 New Orleans

Green Bay @ Carolina (1pm)

  • Andy: Cam Newton sees his first elite defense.  Cam Newton gets pounded by his first elite defense.  Rookies have to start somewhere.  27-13 Green Bay
  • Cole: Honeymoon’s over Cam. Green Bay will zone blitz all night and Aaron Rodgers won’t take pity on a vulnerable Panthers team. 34 – 10 Green Bay

Baltimore @ Tennessee (1pm)

  • Andy: The Ravens can play half as well as they did last week and beat a Titans team considerably worse than the Steelers.  Matt Hasselbeck cannot carry this team to victory, and Ravens run D will keep CJ2K in check.  23-13 Baltimore
  • Cole: The Ravens run defense hasn’t been tested, but CJ2K is still shaking off the rust. Nothing really scares you from the Titans pass offense other than Hasselbeck’s experience. I think the Ravens will be hungover from their emotional win against Pittsburgh, but only for a half. They’ll finish the job late in semi-dramatic fashion. 17-10 Baltimore

Kansas City @ Detroit (1pm)

  • Andy: If Kansas City was manhandled by the Buffalo offense of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson, what are Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson going to do to them?  31-14 Detroit
  • Cole: Kansas City will run the ball. I guarantee it. Whether it works is another matter. Anyone else hear the fear in Coach Todd Haley’s voice this week talking about Suh? 24 – 10 Detroit

Cleveland @ Indianapolis (1pm)

  • Andy: I know Cleveland performed terribly last week, but so did Indianapolis.  A Colts team without Peyton Manning is one team with very little room for improvement.  Expect a heavy dose of Peyton Hillis.  17-10 Cleveland
  • Cole: Two teams that looked pretty bad last week. The Colts looked far worse however, and without Peyton don’t feature much star power. There will be a Peyton on display though. Peyton Hillis runs downhill  24-13 Cleveland

Dallas @ San Francisco (4:05pm)

  • Andy: Tony Romo can’t choke if Alex Smith can’t score.  He was mediocre against Seattle, will be worse against Dallas.   Jim Harbaugh is in for a rude awakening.  24-10 Dallas
  • Cole: San Francisco seems like a team that will try to keep games close and eek them out late. I don’t expect Dez Bryant to play, or at least not contribute much, but even without him they have too many weapons for San Francisco to cover. 26 – 16 Dallas

Cincinnati @ Denver (4:15pm)

  • Andy: I’d pick Denver, but it seems as if they have lost almost every good player they have for this week.  Losing Dumervil and Champ Bailey will hurt a lot.  24-20 Cincinnati
  • Cole: Wow, I have no idea where to go with this. We all thought John Fox would come out with a power run game he featured at Carolina, but I think that Josh McDaniels may simply be renting a John Fox suit and wearing it on the sidelines. Their pass happy attack was almost appalling to watch. Cincinnati is a tough team and will keep Dalton out of trouble. As much as I fear predicting it… 16 – 9 Cincinnati

San Diego @ New England (4:15pm)

  • Andy: Fun fact…Philip Rivers has never beaten Tom Brady.  I don’t think it will start while playing in Massachusetts against an obviously hot passing game.  27-20 New England
  • Cole: Fun Fact…. Tom Brady is really, really good. The Chargers will put up points, but I don’t expect San Diego to be able to counter everything New England brings to the table. 30 – 21 New England

Houston @ Miami (4:15pm)

  • Andy: Houston continues rolling.   Big day for Arian Foster (or Ben Tate).  Chad Henne won’t perform at the same level he did his last week.  31-21 Houston
  • Cole: Miami won some moral victories against New England last week. No, the 99 yard TD to Welker was not one of them. This week, they face a more traditional aerial attack, but one that they will have trouble with nonetheless.  24 – 10 Houston

Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia @ Atlanta (8:20pm) (Game of the Week)

  • Andy: Michael Vick cannot throw like he did last week and win this game.  Expect a heavy dose of Michael Turner to keep the Eagles modest.  21-17 Atlanta
  • Cole: Atlanta struggled to get pressure effectively last week and I think Philadelphia’s line is a bit better than Chicago’s. Also, Atlanta is not a blitz happy team. Vick struggles when under pressure. I think Vick comes out and lights it up this week. Matt Ryan won’t go down like last week, but if he wants to win this one he’ll need a much better performance. 24 – 20 Philadelphia

Monday Night Football

St. Louis @ New York Giants (8:30pm)

  • Andy: Sam Bradford playing is good news for the Rams…Steven Jackson on the bench is not.  Despite a depleted Giants secondary, the Rams cannot stay competitive with the Giants through the second half.  27-14 New York Giants
  • Cole: A very ho-hum card for the Monday Night Game this week. With Bradford hurt, Steven Jackson likely out, and a Giants offense that looked anemic last week, this could be a brutal game to watch. Expect the Giants to test the Rams’ run defense early and expect the Rams to try airing it out against a weak Giants secondary. I don’t have much of a favorite here…   17-14 St. Louis