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The next Big East school to join the ACC?

Before we get to NFL week 2, one more note on conference re-alignment in the NCAA.  Now that Pitt and Syracuse have gone to the ACC, it seems that University of Connecticut is actively moving toward joining the ACC, and it seems likely that another team would join them to make it an even 16.  Talk about a rapid expansion.  It seems that the Pac-12 is also moving toward getting both Oklahoma and Texas, bringing along both Oklahoma state and Texas Tech to get to 16.  Don’t doubt the fact that the SEC is going to add at least one more team either (my bet: Missouri).  This seems to be moving faster than expected.

As for the ACC, again, it doesn’t increase their football prowess, but they’re locking up the northeast markets and becoming an obscene basketball powerhouse.  Eight teams from the ACC in the tournament in March would easily be within the realm of possibilities.