Game of the Week: Houston at New Orleans

And now, our predictions for week 3.  A new feature: each week we highlight our Game of the Week, now we will also highlight our ULTIMATE Game of the Week (sponsored by Zoloft):

I’m sure Cole will add his picks soon…

New England @ Buffalo (1pm)

  • Andy: Buffalo has had a good run and impressed everybody, but their defense cannot stop Tom Brady, and Fitzpatrick will not be able to keep up.  35-21 New England
  • Cole: New England isn’t going to overlook Buffalo and lose this streak. Their offense is too good, and Fitzpatrick will make just enough mistakes to keep them 2 scores away.  35 – 26 New England

Jacksonville @ Carolina (1pm)

  • Andy: Cam Newton has proven all doubters wrong so far.  I don’t see that stopping against a woeful Jacksonville team.  24-14 Carolina
  • Cole: Blaine Gabbert is a wild card here, but it’s hard to go against the 2nd highest passer in the NFL…. boy that felt weird to say. 21 – 20 Carolina

San Francisco @ Cincinnati (1pm)

  • Andy: As if the Bengals needed to get worse on offense, Jerome Simpson decided to be a pot distributor in his spare time.  Alex Smith and Frank Gore do just enough to win this game.  21-17 San Francisco
  • Cole: Bengals will continue to develop the bond between Dalton and Green with Simpson too high to play. San Francisco will keep it close, but the Bengals find a way late. 17 – 14 Cincinnati

Miami @ Cleveland (1pm) (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

  • Andy: Finally time for Sparano and Henne to take less of a beating with a game against a team that has looked mediocre, even against the awful Peyton-less Colts.  23-17 Miami
  • Cole: Miami with their first shot to win against a very bad Cleveland team. Without Peyton Hillis (and nothing resembling an offense besides their run game) the Dolphins should be able to sneak one out. 21 – 12 Miami

Detroit @ Minnesota (1pm)

  • Andy: Minnesota’s woes continue.  Stafford finds Calvin Johnson for yet another TD, and the Lions keep on rolling.  27-14 Detroit
  • Cole: Minnesota had a habit of playing down to the Lions when they were the better team. We’ll see if Detroit does the same. I’m guessing Stafford keeps up the pressure. 30 – 14 Detroit

Houston @ New Orleans (1pm) (GAME OF THE WEEK)

  • Andy: Houston looked more shaky against Miami week 2, whereas New Orleans rediscovered its stride.  Drew Brees settles the questions of who has the better offense.  34-27 New Orleans
  • Cole: Houston’s defense is still working out the kinks, but the offense has become the new Denver offense (whatever Running back is back there is legit). Drew Brees brings a lot to the table for this game. I think New Orleans is a little more battle tested at this point and sneaks through. 30 – 24 New Orleans

New York Giants @ Philadelphia (1pm)

  • Andy: Vick or no, Philadelphia exposes the Giants’ weak secondary.  I’m betting on a multiple-turnover game from the Giants offense.  28-13 Philadelphia
  • Cole: With Vick, the Eagles roll. Without Vick this is a close fought affair. I’m expecting Andy Reid to be prepared for the Giants regardless. We’ll guess Vick is limited and thus a close scoring game. 21 – 17 Philadelphia

Denver @ Tennessee (1pm)

  • Andy: If there is any team against which Chris Johnson will break out, it’s Denver.  Expect a heavy dose of CJ2K and Matt Hasselbeck managing this game well.  20-17 Tennessee
  • Cole: Remember that time Denver cut all their defensive tackles and then drafted Von Miller over Marcel Dareus? Yeah that was fun. DMC chalked up a nice 100+ and CJ2K is a very similar back. Factor in that Champ Bailey brings enough to the table to keep Britt occupied and you should see a very ground and pound strategy for this game. Denver hangs with teams (somehow) and has found their running game in Wills McGahee. I think it’s a close game late and Denver finds a way. 21 – 20 Denver

New York Jets @ Oakland (4:05pm)

  • Andy: Oakland relies on Darren McFadden to cover for an okay to mediocre defense.  New York Jets take away McFadden.  Enough said.  27-10 New York Jets
  • Cole: Jets defense continues to be sound against the run and weak at running the ball. It’s not quite Rex Ryan’s dream strategy, but it’s close enough today. 20 – 14 New York

Kansas City @ San Diego (4:05pm)

  • Andy: Kansas City improves…by losing by less than 40 points this week.  If you have a San Diego player in fantasy who will be playing in the game…start him.  35-7 San Diego
  • Cole: San Diego was celebrating a decent showing to Kansas City. Kansas City is close to celebrating the top draft pick. 38 – 10 San Diego

Baltimore @ St. Louis (4:05pm)

  • Andy: Baltimore has had its wake-up call.  A win here isn’t necessary, but should be easier with a healthier team and an injury-weakened Rams.  Bradford just does not have the weapons to compete.  24-13 Baltimore
  • Cole: Baltimore won’t sleep walk this game, but St. Louis is not as bad a team as Tennessee. Their offense struggles in the red zone, however, so if Baltimore can keep them to field goals, while scoring touchdowns they can take this one home. 21 – 15 Baltimore

Green Bay @ Chicago (4:15pm)

  • Andy: My upset of the week.  Chicago is a tough place to play, and Green Bay has to lose eventually.  Might as well be against a team that has played them competitively and knows them very well.  27-24 Chicago
  • Cole: Green Bay had a wake up game last week with Carolina, likely overlooking them for Chicago. Chicago’s line is simply not up to the task of keeping Caper’s pressure scheme out. 27 – 20 Green Bay

Arizona @ Seattle (4:15pm)

  • Andy: Seattle continues its public implosion.  Coach who leaves this week on the hottest seat is Pete Carroll.  28-16 Arizona
  • Cole: Tough to call. Both teams are pretty bad. Seattle simply doesn’t do anything well though, while Arizona does. 21 – 14 Arizona

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay (4:15pm)

  • Andy: Atlanta continues its momentum from its Sunday night win over Philadelphia.  Freeman tries yet another comeback, but starts too far behind to catch up.  28-24 Atlanta
  • Cole: Atlanta has found the offense, while Tampa survived against Minnesota. They’re closer on paper than in this game. 24 – 17 Atlanta

Sunday Night Football

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (8:20pm)

  • Andy: As long as Peyton does not play, I do not pick the Colts.  Polamalu and Steelers D feast on a miserable offense.  24-6 Pittsburgh
  • Cole: Still no Peyton? Still no chance. 26 – 10 Pittsburgh

Monday Night Football

Washington @ Dallas (8:30pm)

  • Andy: Washington may still not be a playoff contender, but they’re a legit team this season.  Dallas’ offense and secondary is weakened by injuries, and Washington has momentum and looks very disciplined.  This decision for me is more of a gut call.  24-21 Washington
  • Cole: Washington has something working on offense. It’s often not pretty, but it doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot. Their defense is hanging on as well. Dallas is ravaged with injuries, Romo put 2 1/2 quarters of great football together for last week, hard to see him doing it for a whole game this week. 24 – 14 Washington.