We’ll, like all good teams, it’s time to rebound from last week’s abysmal predictions. We were awful, but I promise better results this go round (or I’ll just post another we suck post.

Detroit @ Dallas

Cole: This would be a phenomenal match up, and still can be, but Dallas is battered and bruised already. Meanwhile, Detroit has shown that they can win tough, close games. I expect this to be the same. Not as big of a points explosion as many may predict. The Lions had trouble with the Vikings defensive line, and Lions fans should expect the same result as a ferocious pass rush combo of DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer will tear up the weak Detroit line. Still, the Cowboys line is a mess as well, and look to be without Miles Austin and with limited play by Felix Jones and Dez Bryant. A toss up for me, I’ll take Detroit in a close one. Detroit 21 – Dallas 17

Andy: Detroit’s offense is too much for a very weak Dallas secondary, and Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense is not running on all cylinders.  Don’t expect a blowout, but I bet Detroit controls this game.  28-20 Detroit

Carolina @ Chicago

Cole: This is another toss up game. Chicago has the potential to dominate this game, but thus far teams have struggled to answer for Cam Newton, and Carolina has taken advantage of that with very successful performances. Chicago meanwhile has under performed. A lot of blame has fallen on the shoulders of Mike Martz’s deep attacking offense. The Chicago line has not developed this year, but it should be important to remember that Chicago was going through these same issues last season. Martz adjusted his calls and featured Forte a lot more, riding that combination into a deep playoff run. Chicago will take this game in another closely contested battle. Chicago 17 – Carolina 16

Andy: Cam Newton has been nothing if not impressive so far, even last week in a rain-drenched game.  Still, this is a strong Bears defense playing at home.  Expect Matt Forte to actually gain more than a yard per rush this week.  24-17 Chicago

Buffalo @ Cincinnati

Cole: Well, last week was enough for me to believe in Buffalo. Cincinnati has been solid thus far, but isn’t ready for the high octane spread that Buffalo brings in. This game shouldn’t be very close for very long. Buffalo 28 – Cincinnati 17

Andy: Anyone who said they knew Buffalo would start the season 3-0 is lying.  Any who said that about the Bengals would be laughably wrong.  31-17 Buffalo

Tennessee @ Cleveland

Cole: Another interesting low key match-up. Hasselbeck is making Seattle and Pete Carroll look very foolish for opting to go another direction. He’s having a stellar start to this season. It hasn’t translated to wins, but with CJ2k struggling so spectacularly and no real weapons on offense, his options are limited. Defensively the Titans are strong, and that should be enough to beat Cleveland this week. Particularly if Hillis is limited again. Tennessee 19 – Cleveland 10

Andy: Colt McCoy has not made the progress the Browns had hoped, and their run game has been poor too.  Matt Hasselbeck has been impressive managing an underwhelming defense, and his ability and a decently strong Titans defense carries them.  17-13 Tennessee

Minnesota @ Kansas City (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

Cole: Also known as the Return of Jared Allen, and the War for Andrew Luck. War might be a strong word, as both fan bases could be rooting for their teams to lose. The Vikings still haven’t looked at Ponder so there’s some hope there. Anyway, to this game. The Vikings have been starting strong in every game, but fading quickly as they go. Kansas City still hasn’t started their season, and has been decimated with injuries thus far. Expect similar results this weekend, as Minnesota will build a lead, but this time I expect them to hold it and double up on Bowe, whose the only threat on Kansas’ offense. Minnesota 24 – Kansas City 16

Andy:  Is Kansas City still playing football games?  One half of Adrian Peterson running should overwhelm a sad, sad Chiefs team.  20-10 Minnesota

Washington @ St. Louis

Cole: Another tough test for St. Louis. Washington played well against Dallas, but came up short. That will make them twice as motivated this weak (same way the Ravens were last week). The Rams can’t protect Bradford and have limited weapons around him, and that’s starting to show. McDaniels can spread the ball, but he seems unable to protect his quarterback. Washington 24 – St. Louis 10

Andy: This really isn’t an upset pick, but I think Spagnuolo rights the shit this week.  The Rams have been getting good pressure, and I’m not sold on the Sex Cannon while under pressure.  Steven Jackson being healthier should lighten the load on Sam Bradford.  21-17 St. Louis

New Orleans @ Jacksonville

Cole: Jacksonville is just not in New Orleans’ league right now. Unless MJD can run the ball with authority, I expect that Drew Brees will tear this secondary a new one. New Orleans 27 – Jacksonville 13

Andy: The NO offense tears defenses to shreds, the Jacksonville offense is not worth shedding tears.  31-13 New Orleans

Pittsburgh @ Houston

Cole: Another excellent match up this weekend. Pittsburgh is coming off a tough night against Indianapolis. Their offensive line is patched together currently and their running game is simply non-existent. Houston continues to run with authority, despite their loss to New Orleans last week. I look for Houston to attack Pittsburgh much like Baltimore. They’ll spread the linebackers out and find ways to manipulate the safeties. Pittsburgh simply must survive the onslaught, which they are more than capable of doing. It’ll be close, but Houston wins a squeaker.  Houston 21 – Pittsburgh 20

Andy: Pittsburgh once again looked vulnerable last week, and Houston is better than Indianapolis in every part of the game..  They need to give Big Ben better protections and on defense find ways to get to Schaub quick, otherwise he will tear them to pieces.  Pittsburgh once again is exposed for its age and lack of depth.  24-17 Houston

San Francisco @ Philadelphia

Cole: San Francisco has had a tough go of it thus far, but with Alex Smith still at the helm, it’s hard not to have expected that. Philadelphia’s struggles, on the other hand, were unexpected. Losing to the Giants is a real sign of difficulties down the road. Philadelphia’s defense may be the biggest concern, as Victor Cruz took Nnamdi to task a couple times last week. Still, Philadelphia is a better team right now than San Francisco. And the 49ers are traveling a long way east. Philadelphia 21 – San Francisco 13

Andy:  Can Alex Smith beat the Eagles secondary?  No, no he cannot.  24-10 Philadelphia

New York Giants @ Arizona

Cole: Early returns are in on Kevin Kolb, and they’re not looking good. Kolb has struggled getting this offense moving. His only touchdown last week consisted of a very ill conceived throw at Larry Fitzgerald who bailed him out. Arizona is simply a mess. They cannot run, they cannot pass and their defense leaves a lot to be desired. The Giants are mediocre, but can play up to their opponents. I expect another close game here, but the Giants should be able to get themselves in position to win late. New York 17 – Arizona 10.

Andy: The Giants have played better than expected so far, especially in beating Philly last week.  Arizona has, well, not been impressive.  If Kolb can’t improve against a poor Giants secondary, there could be big worries in the desert.  27-14 New York

Atlanta @ Seattle

Cole: Atlanta has looked shaky at best this season. Their wins have come through a lot of hard work, which should pay off later. They’re a lot better than Seattle though, and should handle the Seahawks without too many problems. Atlanta 24 – Seattle 13

Andy: Atlanta has had troubles, but the Seahawks are much, much worse.  Even at home (where they play much better), Seattle won’t be able to compete with the Falcons.  24-14 Atlanta

Denver @ Green Bay

Cole: Found out today that Green Bay allows the most fantasy points to quarterbacks in the NFL. That’s all very nice, but the eye test says that this defense is still an elite unit. Opposing teams tend to throw a lot at them because Aaron Rodgers puts them on their heels early (see New Orleans). Denver doesn’t have much on offense or defense, and this is the super bowl champions coming in. 34 – 17 Green Bay

Andy: Green Bay?  At home?  against a team that has looked poor all season?  This won’t be close.  31-10 Green Bay

New England @ Oakland

Cole: This is another close game. I think New England is a much better team than Oakland, but Oakland continues to play with teams while New England doesn’t have the defense to shut opponents down. In general though, the Patriots take away what you do best, which is Oakland’s rushing attack. With the focus on the run this week, the Raiders will struggle to keep up with Tom Brady. 31 – 14 New England

Andy: Oakland floored us last week by running all up and down  the Jets.  They could do the same against New England, but New England can also score a ton of point, and I don’t see Oakland’s defense stopping them.  34-24 New England

Miami @ San Diego

Cole: Daniel Thomas is out which returns them to the underwhelming Reggie Bush. This doesn’t bode well, and puts a ton of pressure on Chad Henne against a talented San Diego defense. Rivers had a dreadful performance last week, and doesn’t have Gates again this week. His safety blanket is clearly the most important weapon for Rivers and without a really scary rushing attack this offense could go stagnant. I expect San Diego to win this, but it will be a bit closer than if San Diego was at full strength. 20 – 14 San Diego

Andy: Sparano gets on step closer to being fired.  Other than rookie RB Daniel Thomas, this Dolphins team looks like a bust.  It will be close, but only because San Diego likes to play down to their opponents.  24-17 San Diego

Sunday Night Football: New York Jets @ Baltimore (GAME OF THE WEEK)

Cole: Another great rivalry in the eastern seaboard. Rex Ryan has never beat the Ravens since he left, but the last two times they played saw Baltimore facing a younger Mark Sanchez. Now Sanchez has more weapons, including Derrick Mason who’s very familiar with the Ravens and will have told Rex everything he needs to game plan effectively. The Ravens, meanwhile, had their wake-up call against Tennessee and rebounded against a St. Louis Rams team. They’ll take away the run from Shonn Greene, but frankly the Jets haven’t been able to get much going ground wise. I expect a game featuring two teams who will struggle to do what they want to – pound the rock. Baltimore gets the edge being at home. Ray Lewis will have that team pumped for prime time. 21 – 17 Baltimore

Andy: Two consistent strong defensive teams and expected AFC playoff contenders square off.  These teams have vicious defenses, with Baltimore better in the front 7 and the Jets better in the secondary (other than Ed Reed of course).  The difference is that the Jets offense has not looked as impressive, with a ground game going nowhere, and Matt Sanchez is not as good as Flacco.  I think the score will be low, but a game in Baltimore (Ravens have one of the best home-game records over last decade) in the current situation goes to the Ravens.  17-13 Baltimore

Monday Night Football: Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay

Cole: Indianapolis with back to back prime time games. Unfortunately, 15 shots of Peyton Manning in the booth doesn’t make for exciting television. The Colts will play well here actually. Both teams are struggling and the Colts will turn to a player with a stronger grip on the offense than Kerry Collins had. Painter looks shaky thus far, but he will have had a full week prep with the starters to handle Tampa. Tampa meanwhile is simply dreadful on defense at the most critical positions for a Tampa 2 defense – defensive line and middle linebacker. The youth is good for long term success, but the growing pains are brutal to watch now. On offense, Tampa continues to start slow and build momentum as they go. If they can get Blount going, this could be an ugly low scoring game. I think, however, that Indianapolis finds a way to win this game. They proved themselves capable of playing without Peyton last week and are matched up against another team struggling to win games. 20 – 16 Indianapolis

Andy: Our argument for a flex schedule early in the year.  Indy put up a good fight last week.  I don’t think their will or ability to do so will be as high this week.  27-14 Tampa Bay.