Each week we hold ourselves accountable for our picks from the previous week and expose how pathetic we are to the world.  The good news is that this week we did alright.

Detroit 34, Dallas 30

Well, Detroit did not control this game, but the failures of Tony Romo and the miracle that is Calvin Johnson was enough for the Lions to persevere and start out predictions out on a good note.

Cole: 21-17 Detroit

Andy: 28-20 Detroit

Carolina 29, Chicago 34

This game was a showcase of Matt Forte, but even more a showcase of the clear stupidity involved in kicking to Devin Hester.  This was a close game as predicted, and both of us guessed correctly in taking the Bears at home.

Cole: 17-16 Chicago

Andy: 24-17 Chicago

Buffalo 20, Cincinnati 23

Our first surprise.  We start believing in Buffalo and they decide to screw us.  Cincinnati’s defense stifled Buffalo and Andy Dalton did well to drive this team downfield for the tie and then win.

Cole: 28-17 Buffalo

Andy: 31-17 Buffalo

Tennessee 31, Cleveland 13

As expected, the Browns offense was pathetic and Matt Hasselbeck was not.  What was not expected was the score to be so lopsided.  Cleveland is in trouble already,

Cole: 19-10 Tennessee

Andy: 17-13 Tennessee

Minnesota 17, Kansas City 22 (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

This doesn’t count as a surprise.  Why?  Because both teams suck, and one winning just means they might not get Andrew Luck.  Fans in Kansas City should be upset they lost.

Cole: 24-16 Minnesota

Andy: 20-10 Minnesota

Washington 17, St. Louis 10

The Rams continue to struggle, and make me look like a fool in doing so.  Washington’s defense destroys mid-level and poor offenses, and St. Louis seems to fall in the latter category.

Cole: 24-10 Washington

Andy: 21-17 St. Louis

New Orleans 23, Jacksonville 10

Jacksonville kept it closer than expected most of the game and Blaine Gabbert had moments where he shined, but Brees and company just know how to win games.

Cole: 27-13 New Orleans

Andy: 31-13 New Orleans

Pittsburgh 10, Houston 17

A close game that Houston wins?  Check?  The running game being responsible?  No check.  We expected more Matt Schaub, but that option was out when Andre Johnson went down.  Arian Foster ran rampant, and Houston won because of Pittsburgh’s poor play and despite of their own lack of discipline.

Cole: 21-20 Houston

Andy: 24-17 Houston

San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23

I would say this is the upset of the day, but Philadelphia is playing bad enough where I’m not sure we can call it a big upset anymore.  Their O-line and defensive front 7 has been just awful, and it showed today.  Kudos to Alex Smith, Frank Gore and the rest of the Niners for proving us wrong.

Cole: 21-13 Philadelphia

Andy: 24-10 Philadelphia

New York Giants 31, Arizona 27

New York got a bit lucky with that strange Victory Cruz play (was the ball live?  Hell if I know), and should win more easily against Arizona if they want to prove they can take the NFC East.  Arizona’s woes continue.

Cole: 17-10 New York

Andy: 27-14 New York

Atlanta 30, Seattle 28

Atlanta continues to look shaky and underperform against a team they should have defeated handily.  This is not an endorsement of Seattle being good (they always are at home), but of Atlanta’s woes.

Cole: 24-13 Atlanta

Andy: 24-14 Atlanta

Denver 23, Green Bay 49

Green Bay continues to pound every team that walks in their path.  Only New Orleans has seemed like an actual competitor for the Packers.

Cole: 34-17 Green Bay

Andy: 31-10 Green Bay

New England 31, Oakland 19

As predicted, New England’s passing game was too much for Oakland, whose running game could not slow the game down enough.  The way to beat New England is with solid defending and/or a strong passing game.  Oakland had neither.

Cole: 31-14 New England

Andy: 34-24 New England

Miami 16, San Diego 26

This would have been closer had Chad Henne not gone down with a separated shoulder.  San Diego did not look great, but Miami continues to play terrible football.  Considering San Diego usually starts slow and heats up as the season progresses, they have to like the position they’re in.

Cole: 20-14 San Diego

Andy: 24-17 San Diego

Sunday Night Football: New York Jets 17, Baltimore 34 (GAME OF THE WEEK)

We both expected a defensive game, but not one where the defenses scored the majority of the points.  Baltimore’s defense did play better as predicted.  We just didn’t see them literally winning the game for the Ravens.

Cole: 21-17 Baltimore

Andy: 17-13 Baltimore

Monday Night Football: Indianapolis 17, Tampa Bay 24

Indianapolis put up another decent performance, and with Curtis Painter behind the Center the Colts offense at least at times looked like a good offense (emphasis on ‘at times’).  He should be the starter for week 5.  Tampa Bay somehow always seems to only win when they need to make a comeback.  I don’t know if Josh Freeman can win any other way.  I’m starting to think the Bucs may be in big trouble against the better teams in the NFL.

Cole: 20-16 Indianapolis

Andy: 27-14 Tampa Bay


Record This Week

Cole: 12-4

Andy: 12-4

Season Totals

Cole: 40-24

Andy: 45-19