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Battlefield Earth Award (Worst Player of the Week) – Mark Sanchez – 11 – 35, 119 yards, 3.4 average, 1 int, 3 fumbles lost, 30.5 Rating

This would easily go to Joe Flacco, except that he wasn’t even the worst quarterback on the field Sunday night. Between the two of them they completed about a third of their passes. Both defenses are solid against the pass, but there’s no excuse for this. Mark Sanchez was abysmal. He held the ball too long early in the game, and then jumped at shadows the rest of the evening. His line gave him no help, but he was simply atrocious and never recovered from Ed Reed’s strip sack.

Jar Jar Binks Award (Most offensive player/team of the week) – Steelers offensive line – 5 Sacks allowed

I’ll give them one excuse: this unit is decimated with injuries.  That being said, I think the Alabama line could step in and immediately do a better job in both rushing and pass protection. Ben Roethlisberger left this game in a boot, and frankly only his ability to scramble and break tackles kept those sack numbers from being much higher. The Steelers are often held up as a model drafting franchise, and in many ways they are (defensively they have already brought in a lot of young players behind their veteran starters), but their lack of any quality talent added to the offensive line alongside Pouncey has left them in this bad situation. The Texans manhandled them all day and should have blown this team out.

The M. Night Shyamalan Award (Most offensive defensive player/team of the week) – Philadelphia Eagles for blowing a 20 point lead.

Listen, they played a great first half… against a very mediocre team. Then they spent a good quarter and a half forgetting how to play, watching as Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and Jim Harbaugh magicked their way to a victory. Then they looked stunned on the sidelines. Nnamdi, for the last couple of weeks, has been getting attacked by offenses (see Cruz, Victor), their front 4 are simply not handling the opposing offensive lines, and their linebackers have been the worst part of the defense, with Casey Mathews already getting pulled. This is the reason the Eagles are 1-3. Vick has been solid, the offense has been solid, but the defense is simply not there late.

Uwe Boll Award (Worst Coaching play of the week) – Leslie Frazier

This isn’t necessarily for the game they played last week, but for his continued support of Donovan McNabb over Christian Ponder. McNabb has been atrocious. Their defense has folded late, and frankly the Vikings continue to fail to run the ball in the second half with the best running back in the NFL today. But this comes down to the Vikings future and Leslie Frazier refusing to accept that his team is not built to win right now. If they’re truly in a position to receive the top pick, they need to know if Ponder has anything to bring to the table or if they should be drooling at the prospect of Andrew Luck. The longer they wait, the less certainty they’ll have to make that decision.  All because of the bruised ego of a quarterback past his prime.