So predictions are late this week, but I think being sick and doing the whole Jew thing at least gives me a decent reason.  There are a bunch of good games this week, so let’s get right to the predictions.  Cole will add his picks right before the games (as usual).

The Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week

Philadelphia @ Buffalo (1pm)

Andy: Philadelphia is a mess, and Buffalo will want to rebound off a very disappointing loss to Cincinnati.  A game at home with a spread offense against a poorly-coached defense spells victory for the Bills.  31-21 Buffalo

Cole: This should be a surprisingly good game actually. A desperate Philadelphia team facing a Buffalo team that is looking to rebound from a very disappointing loss to Cincinnati. I think that the Bills offense is beginning to slow down, whereas Vick is starting to rack up numbers against defenses like Buffalo. 26 – 20 Philadelphia

New Orleans @ Carolina (1pm)

Andy: Cam Newton has shocked the NFL by playing so well out of the gate, but can he keep up with Drew Brees and the explosive Saints offense?  No.  28-21 New Orleans

Cole: Carolina keeps hanging with tough teams, but there doesn’t appear to be enough there to win the games. Particularly on defense where they’ve been lacking every week. Drew Brees will come out firing and I’ll expect Mark Ingram to get rolling on the ground. 31 – 17 New Orleans

Oakland @ Houston (1pm)

Andy: A battle of two of the top five rushing teams in the NFL.  I’m leaning towards Houston because of a better defense, a better passing game (even without Andre Johnson), and they’re playing at home.  24-20 Houston

Cole: Houston brings a vaunted rushing attack to the table here, as does Oakland. Houston’s offense looked very pedestrian once Andre Johnson was removed from the game, and I think Oakland will take this one on that. Oakland can run with authority and does so without real passing threats. Houston relies on Johnson keeping defenses honest to run with such authority. 21 – 17 Oakland

Kansas City @ Indianapolis (1pm) (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

Andy: This week another winless team finally gets a W.  Curtis Painter was an improvement over Kerry Collins and should get better in his second start.  Kansas City will at least stay in the running for Andrew Luck.  24-14 Indianapolis

Cole: The Colts look more like the Colts with Painter at the helm. He’s not running the team very effectively, but the Colts have some dimension with him at the helm. Kansas City is still dominated by injuries. I think Painter gets the Colts their first win of the season here. 17 – 10 Colts

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville (1pm)

Andy: Cincinnati has surprised so far.  Jacksonville has not.  In what might be a pretty ugly game, Dalton performs well enough to secure a victory.  17-10 Cincinnati

Cole: Andy “The Ginger” Dalton vs The Blaine Train Gabbert. Two rookie quarterbacks with decent rushing attacks behind them. I’ll take MJD over Benson at this point though. Still the Bengals bring a better defense and better passing attack, which might be the difference here. 21 – 16 Cincinnati

Arizona @ Minnesota (1pm)

Andy: A close runner-up for the Zoloft game of the week.  Minnesota has got to right the ship this week, but I think Larry Fitzgerald steals it away from them.  23-20 Arizona

Cole: Donovan McNabb vs Kevin Kolb. Kolb said this week that his struggles were about familiarity with his receivers. I agree with that, but his window for getting that timing down is closing. Kevin Kolb will take Arizona to the win here, and the Suck For Luck could be down to two teams in Minnesota and Miami. 27 – 17 Arizona

Seattle @ New York Giants (1pm)

Andy: Seattle is a decent team…at home.  Visiting the East Coast (where western teams perform horribly) and playing a good team, I don’t see them winning.  27-17 New York Giants

Cole: Seattle’s offense is just awful. Just awful. Eli Manning on the other hand is performing much better this season, and Victor Cruz has stepped up nicely, giving them a nice 3 wide set in Nicks, Manningham, and Cruz. 27 – 13 Giants

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh (1pm)

Andy: It’s hard to pick against the Steelers at home, but that offensive line is a disaster and the defense is weaker at the moment.  Tennessee has allowed the fewest points per game this season, and Matt Hasselbeck has fit in nicely at QB.  23-21 Tennessee

Cole: This is the kind of game that traditionally Pittsburgh likes to come out and dominate. The world is down on them at the moment, and with good reason. They cannot run and they cannot pass protect. Their defense will win this game for them, as it did the Colts. 20 – 16 Pittsburgh

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco (4:05pm)

Andy: Tampa Bay always seems to win in a comeback, so expect San Francisco to lead through the 3rd quarter.  Jim Harbaugh is getting a ton out of a mediocre team, and this week he does the same, holding off the Josh Freeman comeback.  27-24 San Francisco

Cole: Tampa still does not look like a 3 win team. Every time I watch them I think that this offense isn’t clicking. And then Freeman gets a drive going late. The best thing to say is that neither the offense or defense puts them out of games. San Francisco is winning ugly, but they continue to win. Both teams like to win late, so you can probably check into this game about halfway through the 3rd quarter. 17 – 10 San Francisco

San Diego @ Denver (4:15pm)

Andy: Denver is terrible, San Diego is not.  Even playing down to their opponent (as usual), I don’t see San Diego losing this game.   34-24 San Diego

Cole: Phillip Rivers is struggling thus far this year. The absence of Gates is beginning to look like a major concern for him. Still, Vincent Jackson is good enough to get San Diego over the woeful Broncos. 24 – 14 San Diego

New York Jets @ New England (4:15pm) (Game of the Week)

Andy: The Jets certainly have motivation this week, but is it enough?  They have a good defense lining up against a great offense, and a struggling offense facing a struggling NE defense.  Even taking last week out of consideration, it’s hard to see Sanchez and the offense doing their share to get a win in Foxboro.  31-27 New England

Cole: This is going to be a very interesting game. The Jets have have their finger hovering over the panic button. New York as a whole is quite close to it. They’ve lost games to good teams, but that won’t matter much if they slip to 2-3 and down a game to New England. Their offense looks awful, but the dreadful Patriot defense might be just the thing to get it going again. It’ll be up to Rex Ryan to win this game on defense, but there’s just too many weapons with Hernandez and Gronkowski both playing today. 28 – 17 New England

Sunday Night Football

Green Bay @ Atlanta (8:20)

Andy: Atlanta continues to not play like a team that finished first in the NFC South last season.  Green Bay is on fire.  Expect yet another great game from Aaron Rodgers.  34-27 Green Bay

Cole: Atlanta is another team winning ugly. Julio Jones is coming along nicely, but their offensive line is regressing horrendously. Matt Ryan won’t make it through this year if they can’t protect him, and unfortunately Dom Capers loves to blitz in Green Bay. 27 – 20 Green Bay

Monday Night Football

Chicago @ Detroit (8:30)

Andy: In the warmth and comfort of their dome, Stafford and Calvin continue to pile on the stats.  It’s unknown how rookie DT Nick Fairley will do in his first NFL game, but I doubt it will be a negative for the Lions.  28-20 Detroit

Cole: Hard to pick against a team playing their first prime time game in what feels like a decade. This team and city will rowdy and I don’t expect the Lions to start slow against the Bears. This game will be decided by defensive lines though. If Julius Peppers can keep Stafford rattled, or Suh and Co can dismantle the Bears offensive line, then their team will win. I’ll take Suh. 28 – 17 Detroit.