PFT is reporting that it seems likely that Broncos WR and 2010 leader in receiving yards Brandon Lloyd may be traded soon (the trade deadline is the 18th).  Usually players of this caliber do not get traded mid-season, but there are a few reasons as to why this is happening:

1) Lloyd is at the end of his contract, and assuming he gets anywhere near 1,000 yards, his contract is going to get much bigger as a free agent.

2) The Broncos have other WRs (Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal, Eric Decker) to pick up the slack.

3) At 1-4 and with QB controversy surrounding the team, this season is likely a lost cause. Might as well get some value for Lloyd.

4) John Fox likes to build a tough, run-first team on offense.  Lloyd is expendable for this type of offense.

In short, Lloyd’s time in Denver was done, whether it is now or after week 17.   As for who would take him, I wouldn’t be surprised if its mid-level playoff contender, with Tennessee being the best fit for him in my opinion (although other teams like the 49ers and Rams could use him as well).  I expect the likelihood of a trade happening is more than 50%, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion.