So no day of accountability from last week, but what do you expect?  It’s a lot of work to write these posts, give us a break.  Nevertheless, the one thing that must be done every week is our predictions, and as delayed as ever, here they are (I’m sure Cole will add his right before the kickoff…as usual):

Your Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week

Carolina @ Atlanta (1pm)

Cole: A tough call for me. If this were on a neutral field, or in Carolina, I’d be taking the Panthers without hesitation here. But Cam Newton is heading to Atlanta, where Matty Ice is scary good and wins all the time. This will be close, but the home field will keep Atlanta in the win column. 27-24 Atlanta

Andy:  Even with last week’s result, Atlanta is still a great team playing at home, and Carolina seems to be missing the ability to win a close game.  I expect an Atlanta win…barely.  31-28 Atlanta

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati (1pm) (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

Cole: Cincinnati hasn’t beaten Indianapolis in their last 7 attempts. True Peyton Manning was their quarterback for that stretch, but some teams simply line up well against others. Curtis Painter looks a lot better, but faces a Bengal defense that is leading the league in yards allowed. On the other side, the Colts defense has played very well their last few games, thriving off pride and Dwight Freeney. If they can harass Dalton they might be able to keep A.J. Green off the board. The deal breaker for me though, is Green and Jermaine Gresham. These two are perfect in this west coast which Indy hasn’t faced from Cincinnati yet. Cincinnati sneaks another one over the Colts. 21 – 13 Cincinnati

Andy:  I keep predicting Indianapolis to finally win, and they keep doing their best to prove me wrong.  Why stop the trend now?  28-24 Indianapolis

San Francisco @ Detroit (1pm) (GAME OF THE WEEK)

Cole: Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the year currently, all respect to his opposite Sunday, Jim Schwartz. Harbaugh has taken a team that looked awful for several coaches, and has turned in performances like the Tampa Bay blowout. Alex Smith is playing consistent, if not consistently well. He has almost eliminated his mistakes throwing only one pick this year. Unfortunately, the coach of the year is facing the MVP of the league in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. The 49ers simply do not have the defensive secondary to handle him and Stafford will remember his go to guy in the 2nd again. Oh, and it’s in Detroit. 27 – 17 Detroit

Andy:  It’s pretty shocking that this would be the game of the week 1.5 months into the season.  San Francisco’s defense is great, but Alex Smith still does not do well against teams who don’t blitz, and Detroit possibly has the best defensive front-4 in the NFL right now.  Another Calvin Johnson TD? 24-21 Detroit

St. Louis @ Green Bay (1pm)

Cole: Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in this league currently. The Packers are the best team in the league. And Sunday they’ll get their defense righted by beating down the lowly Rams. 31 – 10 Green Bay

Andy: Best team in the league vs. one of the most disappointing teams this year.  This one will not be close, and Spagnuolo’s seat gets just a little hotter.  35-17 Green Bay

Buffalo @ New York Giants (1pm)

Cole: Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. They thumped the Eagles, who many picked to fight off this lethargy last week. The Bills offense is elite regularly, while the Giants cannot run the ball. Their passing game is solid, however, featuring Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. Eli will keep them in the game, but I’m expecting a critical mistake late. 26 – 17 Buffalo

Andy:  The Giants barely beat Arizona two weeks ago and lost to Seattle last week, while the Bills are coming off of a big win over the Eagles.  Fitzpatrick will go pass-happy against a depleted Giants secondary.  Buffalo thrives off of turnovers, something Eli Manning is very happy to oblige.  27-21 Buffalo

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh (1pm)

Cole: Pittsburgh still hasn’t looked like the Pittsburgh of old, but the Jaguars simply do not have the defensive line presence to get after Ben, even with his horrendous offensive line. Pittsburgh will look good this week. 27 – 10 Pittsburgh

Andy: If Gabbert’s struggling, how do you think he will do against a Pittsburgh defense?  Answer: not well.  24-13 Pittsburgh

Philadelphia @ Washington (1pm)

Cole: Washington has a bye to prepare for this Eagles team that is simply in disarray. They were humiliated last season by Vick and are certainly out for revenge. The Eagles have lost confidence, are under siege by a vengeful media stabbing them with swords labeled “dream team.” Washington will role the Eagles this week. 26 – 17 Washington

Andy: Washington has played surprisingly well, but I think this is the week that the Eagles get back on track…if Vick doesn’t turn the ball over a handful of times.  28-21 Philadelphia

Houston @ Baltimore (4:05pm)

Cole: Houston is just snake bit. Finally a season off to the right track, the Colts in shambles and a division title within their grasp. Then Andre Johnson goes down. Mario Williams is lost for the year. Their running corp is hobbling, but very effective. Unfortunately, the Ravens don’t like teams running on them, and the fact that Arian Foster was the last running back to rush for 100 yards on them will make them extra motivated to shut him down. Meanwhile, the rest of the Houston offense has looked, well, pedestrian without Andre Johnson. Joe Flacco won’t have to do much to win this game as the defense will be taking care of it. 24 – 13 Baltimore

Andy: Baltimore is one of the best teams at home over the last decade, is healthy, and has a great defense.  Houston is okay on the road, they’re missing their two best players (WR Andre Johnson and DE/OLB Mario Williams), and they have struggled to get ahead in games.  The Ravens win this pretty convincingly. 27-17 Baltimore

Cleveland @ Oakland (4:05pm)

Cole: Another team that for some reasons struggles against another team. Oakland consistently struggles with Cleveland. And it goes beyond coaching and schemes. However, Oakland has not been this good in a long time, and Cleveland has not stopped the run well. Their defense is among the worst in the league. Run DMC has a big day. 30 – 10 Oakland

Andy: Oakland can run it over anybody…it’s they’re defense that’s the problem.  Fortunately, Cleveland does not have much of an offense to speak of.  21-13 Oakland

Dallas @ New England (4:15pm)

Cole: Great looking game. Sounds like Dez Bryant and Miles Austin will be back. The Cowboys have had a bye week to fix their offensive line problems and to prepare for the juggernaut that is the Patriots. The Patriot defense has been underwhelming all year and I’m beginning to wonder if all this offensive awesomeness has caused Belichick to forget some of his brilliant defensive abilities. Unfortunately, their offensive juggernaut wins games for them. Big shoot-outs tend to favor the Pats. 34 – 26 New England

Andy:  Tony Romo will compete with Tom Brady for a half…and then remember that he’s Tony Romo.  The Patriots’ attack on the passing records continues.  31-21 New England

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (4:15pm)

Cole: Tampa is a shell of itself and New Orleans is being talked about as 1A to Green Bay, who they lost to in a squeaker early when they were ambushed by a Perfect Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees rips this defense apart. 27 – 17 New Orleans

Andy: Tampa got their ass handed to them last week, and New Orleans is an even better team.  I think familiarity and Bucs team inspired to play better keeps this closer, but the Saints generally don’t lose close games.  28-24 New Orleans

Sunday Night Football

Minnesota @ Chicago (8:20pm)

Cole: This is a surprisingly tough game for me to call. If the Vikings take the time and run the ball with All Day and get after Cutler, they can win this game. If they let Donovan take control and starting flinging the ball around they could be in for a long night. It’s tough to tell what Frazier will do, but I’m going to guess they sneak this one out in prime time. 24 – 17 Minnesota

Andy: Not exactly a battle of the Titans.  This is basically a battle of who is worse: Donovan McNabb or the Bears’ offensive line.  My vote is with McNabb, especially since they’re playing in Chicago.  23-17 Chicago

Monday Night Football

Miami @ New York Jets (8:30pm)

Cole: Miami has no quarterback, hurt running backs, a receiver who has recently decided the best way to win is to get himself kicked out of the game, a head coach on the hot seat, and a golden ticket in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes. Big win for Jets. 30 – 13 New York

Andy:  New York exerts all of their frustration on a bad Dolphins team.  I expect a blowout.  31-14 New York Jets

Last Week

Cole: 9-4

Andy: 8-5

Total Record So Far

Cole: 49-28

Andy: 53-24