So I know that I haven’t been, well, actually writing anything, but I promise this week that will change.  It’s amazing what having an actual routine does.  Anyways, this week we have many more interesting games, and this week will help to distinguish who is a playoff contender and who is a playoff pretender.  Cliche?  Absolutely, but it’s late and I’m tired, so give me a break.  Now, onto the predictions!

If he wasn't injured, the Colts would not be once again playing in the Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week

Arizona @ Baltimore (1pm)

Cole: Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron has one hope of saving his job in my opinion, and that’s a super bowl run. This team has gotten by on his calling but has not progressed past the first couple of rounds. If that mark doesn’t improve then he’ll be on the way out. He’ll have to find a way to get it going today against a very poor pass defense in Arizona. Baltimore is better at home, and gets the win here. 20 – 7 Baltimore

Andy: Ravens play better at home, and are facing a team that is a mess on offense and has a defense that is much worse than the Jags.  They should take this game easily.  24-10 Ravens

Minnesota @ Carolina (1pm)

Cole: Christian Ponder looks good thus far. Now we’ll get to see if he can build on his solid start. Carolina has a very poor defense which should mean a big day from All Day, but Cam Newton is his own highlight reel and even good defenses have had a hard time trying to slow him down. 24 – 17 Carolina

Andy: The battle of rookie Quarterbacks.  Ponder was better than I expected last week, but he’s going to need a lot of defensive help to beat Cam Newton. I don’t think it’s enough to win in Charlotte.  27-21 Carolina

Jacksonville @ Houston (1pm)

Cole: Houston won’t make the same mistakes as Baltimore. They’ll feature a dynamic offense and pound the rock against the Jags defense. 28 – 10 Houston

Andy: Jacksonville’s defense is good…not as good as the Ravens made them look, but good.  Even with Andre Johnson out, I don’t see them overcoming a fantastic running game and good defense in Houston.  28-20 Houston

Miami @ New York Giants (1pm)

Cole: Brandon Marshall is guaranteeing a victory here. I can see the Giants playing down to their opponents, but it’s tough for me to go against them here with Eli Manning playing good enough to get by the pitiful Dolphins defense. 24 – 14 New York

Andy: Miami stinks.  New York would have to have an epic meltdown to lose this game.  33-13 New York

New Orleans @ St. Louis (1pm)

Cole: New Orleans continues to roll against the woeful Rams. 32 – 16 New Orleans

Andy: Sooner or later, St. Louis will win a game…just not this week.  New Orleans is on a mission after that Tampa loss two weeks ago.  35-21 New Orleans

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (1pm) (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

Cole: Tennessee has continued to struggle without Kenny Britt and with CJ2K producing nothing from the backfield. Their offense is very much like the Ravens, without dynamic ability. Their defense, however, is very good. Curtis Painter has pulled the Colts into contention in games, but can’t close it off. I can see an upset here, but I’ll guess that Tennessee’s defense saves the day. 17 – 13 Tennessee

Andy: The ‘don’t pick Indy without Peyton’ idea has gone well so far, and I see no reason to deviate.  With no Peyton Manning and a terrible Chris Johnson, this game could be an ugly one to watch.   24-16 Tennessee

Washington @ Buffalo (4:05pm)

Cole: Buffalo has fallen back under the radar the last few weeks, while the Redskins seem to be falling right where they were expected to be. Buffalo is in Toronto this week as well, which should provide an extra boisterous fan base to dismantle the Redskins offense, and FitzMagic just got his contract done and needs to kick the offense back into gear. 24 – 13 Buffalo

Andy: If this game was in DC, the Redskins may have a chance.  John Beck CANNOT turn the ball over, or it’s lights out in Buffalo.  I think Fitzmagic shines.  31-17 Buffalo

Detroit @ Denver (4:05pm)

Cole: Detroit is in danger of slipping into the rank and file again. Without viable running backs and a very poor offensive line, Stafford is having trouble moving this offense at the pace it was at. Meanwhile, Denver’s defense has begun to show signs of improvement and Tebow continues to turn it on when he has to. I think upset in Mile High today. 21 – 17 Denver

Andy: Detroit really needs this win, and for all that I wish Tebow to succeed, he is just not good enough right now to beat a decently good team…and Detroit is much more than decent.  34-17 Detroit

New England @ Pittsburgh (4:15pm) (Game of the Week)

Cole: New England knows Pittsburgh. I don’t know why, but they do. Pittsburgh seems to be moving towards a run and shoot model offense with big plays coming out of their speedy receivers. I think New England’s defense is better against the pass though, and Brady seems to like throwing at this zone blitz scheme Pittsburgh runs. 27 – 21 New England

Andy: We know New England is for real, but now we need to know if Pittsburgh is for real.  They need to beat New England this week or Baltimore next week to prove that they can beat teams that don’t have a chance of making the Super Bowl.  My guess is they don’t get that win this week.  28-24 New England

Cincinnati @ Seattle (4:15pm)

Cole: Cincinnati continues to look good against bad teams here. Their defense keeps it close, while Dalton finds a way at the end. Seattle’s home field will be a distraction, but not against the Bengal defense. 21 – 16 Cincinnati

Andy: Seattle stinks, but they’re good enough at home to keep it close.  Cincinnati continues to surprise us with their strong defense and good enough offense.  27-24 Cincinnati

Cleveland @ San Francisco (4:15pm)

Cole: Jim Harbaugh gets a home game against a bad team. Alex Smith is starting to grasp this offense and is starting to look good in it, and Vic Fangio has the defense operating at a high level. Cleveland is in for a rough one. 28 – 10 San Francisco

Andy: Jim Harbaugh gets the most out of his team…which must make Cleveland fans a bit envious.  Colt McCoy is looking less and less like a long-term answer, but then again, so does that entire offense.  28-17 San Francisco

Sunday Night Football

Dallas @ Philadelphia (8:20pm)

Cole: Dallas is getting their weapons back, and with Murray showing more signs of life than Felix Jones they may be better off with him at the helm. Philadelphia continues to look pedestrian on defense and struggle mightily at times on offense. I think Dallas is going to come in here and win a hard fought game against a desperate team. 27 – 24 Dallas

Andy: Two teams that are supposed to be good but have gone through epic bouts of sucking.  I still like Philadelphia to win at home, but Demarco Murray brings some much needed life to a Dallas offense that needed a running game.  This one could be very close.  27-24 Philadelphia

Monday Night Football

San Diego @ Kansas City (8:30pm)

Cole: People continue to try to flag Kansas City as turning it around. I guess in that division it’s possible, but I don’t see this as a team that’s heading to the playoffs this year. I think San Diego is going to put the Chiefs back in their worry wagon. 28 – 14 San Diego

Andy: A ‘resurgent’ KC playing a Chargers team that wants to rebound off of a tough loss.  I think this will be a good game for Rivers, and everybody is reminded why no one believes KC will make the playoffs.   31-20 San Diego

Last Week

Cole: 5-8

Andy: 8-5

Total Record

Cole: 62-41 (.602)

Andy: 71-32 (.689)