New York Jets @ Buffalo (1pm)

Cole: The Jets are still reeling a bit, but I’m still not sold on Buffalo as an elite team. This is a game elite teams dominate and it’ll be a good test of Buffalo. I think the Jets will pull this one out late because the Bills defense is not rock solid. 20-17 New York

Andy: This game will be a real test of if Buffalo is an actual playoff contender.  I think they’re a much better team at home, and the defense will get the late game turnover to seal it.  27-24 Buffalo

Seattle @ Dallas (1pm)

Cole: I like betting against the Seahawks because they don’t really do anything well. T-Jack has been better recently though and Dallas certainly isn’t lighting the world on fire. I also don’t see the Dallas team as one that rallies when they’re pushed to the brink, which they are now. Still they are much more talented than the Seahawks, which should get them over the edge. 24 – 13 Dallas

Andy: Two struggling teams, but at least Dallas occasionally shows flashes of good play.  Seattle…not so much.  27-20 Dallas

Atlanta @ Indy (1pm)

Cole: Run the ball with Turner, play action passing. Simple strategy will achieve victory. 27 – 13 Atlanta

Andy: No Peyton Manning, no victory…I’m sticking to it.  34-14 Atlanta

Miami @ Kansas City (1pm)

Cole: Kansas City is a team that rallies when pushed apparently. They continue to fight back from that hole they dug early. And with Miami coming to town, I see their run continuing. 20 – 14 Kansas City

Andy: I have to admit that I have maybe underestimated Kansas City.  I still don’t think they’re a particularly good team, but Miami seems to find ways to lose games.  This week is not an exception to that.  27-17 Kansas City

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (1pm)

Cole: Two teams that know each other pretty well and that are starting to get scrappy. Throw the Falcons in this mix and you got a little rumble going. Tampa doesn’t play particularly well on the road, and New Orleans will certainly be looking to rebound from an embarrassing loss to the Rams. 27 – 19 New Orleans

Andy: New Orleans has been bad on the road, but is still blowing people away at home.  They need this win badly, and I think the Superdome gives them the advantage.  The Josh Freeman comeback is always a danger though.  28-24 New Orleans

San Francisco @ Washington (1pm)

Cole: The shine is off of the Washington quarterbacks. Their offensive line is atrocious, and the vaunted Shanahan running game isn’t there this year. Also San Francisco is playing very well on the east coast this season. I think they continue to win in D.C. 26 – 17 San Francisco

Andy: John Beck shouldn’t be an NFL starter, and neither should ‘Sexy Rexy’ Grossman.  San Francisco has a winning formula, and there is just no way I can see Washington getting in the way.  27-13 San Francisco

Cleveland @ Houston (4:05pm)

Cole: Houston doesn’t get Andre Johnson back yet, but they shouldn’t need him against a very predictable, vanilla offense and a poor defense. 31 – 12 Houston

Andy: Cleveland’s offense is much like Peyton Hillis…MIA.  Even if the defense does well by only giving up 20 points or so, I still can’t see them winning.  Expect a heavy dose of Arian Foster and Ben Tate.  28-14 Houston

Cincinnati @ Tennessee (4:05pm)

Cole: Two of the top defenses in the NFL. Neither offense is explosive right now, but has potential. Cincinnati gets Benson back today, and AJ Green is a legitimate number 1 already. I’ll take Dalton in a low scoring affair here. 16 – 13 Cincinnati

Andy: Tennessee’s offense is a mess without Kenny Britt and with Chris Johnson being non-existent on offense.  Cincinnati’s defense continues to play well, and Andy Dalton does enough to win games.  21-18 Cincinnati

Denver @ Oakland (4:05pm)

Cole: Oakland doesn’t have their big time play maker in McFadden, and Carson is still learning the ropes. He had a nice bye week to prep for this game, but he still won’t have chemistry or familiarity with the playbook. Denver’s defense has been improved (excluding last weeks blowout), and could keep this close if Palmer struggles without Run DMC. Still Oakland is a much better team and Tebow is awful. 17 – 7 Oakland.

Andy: God Tim Tebow is bad…that’s all I have to say.  27-7 Oakland

New York Giants @ New England (4:15pm)

Cole: The Patriots say that no one rushes the passer like the Giants. We’ll see if that’s the case. New England’s offense has sputtered a bit as of late, but this is an elite unit that can handle a weakened secondary. It’ll be up to Eli to keep them in the game. High scoring, like all New England games, and should feature some big time quarterback numbers. This is my upset of the week. The Giants will keep Brady honest enough for Eli to sneak one out. 28-27 New York

Andy: The Giants are missing their two best offensive playmakers in Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks.  That’s not a winning formula going into Foxboro against a Patriots team coming off of a loss.  31-20 New England

St. Louis @ Arizona (4:15pm) (Zoloft ULTIMATE Game of the Week)

Cole: “Buzz, your girlfriend! Woof!” This is just a brutal match up. Kevin Kolb might not play, and that’s not actually a bad thing for Cardinal fans. AJ Feeley is riding high on his Saint’s win. Flip a coin here. 20-17 Arizona

Andy: Grab your anti-depressants; this is our Zoloft ULTIMATE game of the week.  Who will suck least?  My guess is Steven Jackson.  That’s enough for a Rams win.  24-20 St. Louis

Green Bay @ San Diego (4:15pm)

Cole: Good looking game here. Green Bay is the best team in the league, but defensively still hasn’t stepped up into the elite category.  San Diego is not looking very good, but has so much talent. Phillip Rivers needs to up his game and is risking falling out of the elite standing with this season. And Norv Turner has to be on the hot seat now. 34-20 Green Bay

Andy: San Diego is in a rut, and Phillip Rivers has been playing poorly.  Green Bay continues to steamroll the NFL, and I don’t think San Diego will stop them.  34-24 Green Bay

Sunday Night Football

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (8:20pm) (Game of the Week)

Cole: Best rivalry in sports, certainly football. These teams are the same, they think the same, they fight the same, and they loathe each other. The Steelers spent all the off-season bad mouthing Flacco, who torched them week 1 in a rare blowout. He quickly turned back into Mr. Inconsistent, while the Steelers rebounded against adversity and are back in the media limelight following a beat down of New England. Don’t expect a blow out tonight, but instead a close game featuring a play late for the win. And if a team is coming back late, 8 out of 10 times its Big Ben doing the comeback. 20-17 Pittsburgh

Andy: In my opinion, probably the best rivalry in football.  The Ravens started the season looking like the best team in the AFC, but have had 3 awful offensive halves of offense against two bad teams (Jags and Cardinals).  Meanwhile, the Steelers are gaining momentum, playing better each week.  Even with key defensive players out, I think the Steelers’ momentum and their desire for revenge for that week 1 beating will carry them to a win.  24-21 Pittsburgh

Monday Night Football

Chicago @ Philadelphia (8:30pm)

Cole: Chicago has been strong against Vick, but Vick and the Eagles are starting to build some momentum. This should be a good back and forth game if the Bears can keep Cutler upright. If they can’t could go just like Dallas did last week. 24 – 20 Philadelphia

Andy: Chicago’s cover-2 gave Vick fits last year, but I think an improving Eagles defense and an improving Vick is too much for the Bears at Lincoln Financial.  27-21 Philadelphia

Last Week

Cole: 8-5

Andy: 9-4

Total Record

Cole: 70-46 (.603)

Andy: 80-36 (.690)