Yes yes, another Thursday night game gone. Who among us would’ve picked the Broncos? Anyone raise their hands? Well they’re lying or from Denver. Pipe down Tebowmaniacs! We’re already tired of the chanting! In my dreams all night!!! ARGGGHHH

Here’s your week 11 slate:

Tampa Bay @ Green Bay

Cole: Anyone picking against Rodgers is simply foolish. Can he keep this pace up? Probably not. He’ll stumble along the way, but you can’t bet against him until that happens. The man is on fire. 35 – 14 Green Bay

Andy: This ‘youngry’ team is going to get slapped by another really young team…that is 10x better.  38-21 Green Bay

Carolina @ Detroit

Cole: Detroit just got stomped on by Chicago. Stafford’s starting to get banged up, their running game is non-existent, and their defense is not playing anywhere near the level it was early on. Carolina is going to put up points in this one so it’ll be up to Detroit’s offense to match them. We’ll see if that’s possible, but I think Calvin gets back on track this week. 27 – 20 Detroit

Andy: Detroit is in trouble.  Teams are starting to figure them out.  That being said, Carolina’s defense is so bad, it won’t matter.  28-21 Detroit

Jacksonville @ Cleveland (Zoloft Game of the Week)

Cole: We’re going to get the bad game out early this week. Both teams continue to look pedestrian, but at least the Jaguars pulled it together enough to beat Indianapolis. Toss a coin here, but I’ll take the Blaine Train. 17 – 14 Jacksonville

Andy: I don’t like Jacksonville, especially without Rashean Mathis, but damn are the Browns bad.  They can’t do anything well.  16-10 Jacksonville

Oakland @ Minnesota

Cole: Christian Ponder has given some life to this offense, but he’s still too inconsistent to pull them ahead. Carson Palmer looks like he’s starting to get this offense rolling, and it didn’t hurt that Michael Bush went all Heisman on the Chargers last week. I’ll take the better run game currently in Oakland. 24 – 14 Oakland

Andy: Minnesota has problems on both sides of the line and just lost CB Antoine Winfield for the year.  I like Christian Ponder, but he isn’t far enough along yet, and Carson Palmer is looking more comfortable in Raiders offense.  24-21 Oakland

Buffalo @ Miami

Cole: This has become a tough game to call. The Bills are simply falling apart, while the Dolphins are surging. Sometimes football is a game of confidence and these teams are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I’ll take Miami at home here because the Buffalo defense is non-existent. 27 – 20 Miami

Andy: The Bills have really gone downhill.  The defense is just plain bad and relies on turnovers to keep them competitive, while Miami’s defense has found its stride.  Nevertheless, I don’t want to write off the Bills just yet, and to quote Chris Berman, “Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!”  24-20 Buffalo

Dallas @ Washington

Cole: Another example of confidence controlling the game. Dallas is riding high after trouncing Buffalo. Washington has finally wiped the shine off the mirror to see what kind of team they really are. Also, Washington has struggled recently with divisional teams at home. Still this is Cowboy Week for them and there’s no one they hate more than the ‘Boys. I’ll take Dallas in a squeaker. 24 – 21 Dallas

Andy: Washington’s QB Carousel is flat-out embarrassing, but then again, this whole team is just playing bad, while Dallas is riding a high and playing better than they have all year.  Don’t expect 40+ points again, but I doubt this will be close.  31-17 Dallas

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Cole: Is anyone playing in this game? AJ Green is likely out, Leon Hall is done for the year, Carlos Dunlap and Ray Lewis are questionable. Seriously, I thought players geared up for these kinds of divisional games? The Ravens defense will lose some pre-snap abilities without Ray, but Ed Reed should play and keep the secondary in line. Meanwhile, Terrell Suggs has a wounded leg and hasn’t been full strength. Also their run defense has deteriorated just a bit this season. Terrence “Mount” Cody hasn’t quite got his nose tackle role down. The Bengals meanwhile have almost nothing left in the secondary, but they’re a sort of mental block for Joe Flacco who threw several picks against them last season. Close game, but we’ll go with Baltimore at home. 24 – 17 Baltimore

Andy: Losing Ray Lewis is not good for the Ravens, but as Cole said, the Bengals have it far worse.  Without AJ Green their wideout corps is suspect, and Leon Hall is a huge blow.  Expect Anquan Boldin to play well, and the Ravens usually step up for big games (and step down for bad ones)…and this is a big game.  27-14 Baltimore

Arizona @ San Francisco

Cole: Jim Harbaugh continues to rally the troops. As long as you’re winning the message sounds good. This team has a very favorable schedule if they can continue to play well and could compete for that home field in the playoffs. They’ll handle the Skelton Cardinals this week. 24 – 14 San Francisco

Andy: The coach of the year continues to steamroll the NFL, and it should continue against a mediocre Cardinals team.  John Skelton comes back to Earth this week, and the calls for him to start over Kolb should die down.  31-13 San Francisco

Seattle @ St. Louis

Cole: Seattle figured out the Ravens abandon the game plan quickly if they get down early. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out St. Louis. Their defense has been better the last few weeks, but Cleveland and Arizona aren’t exactly world-beating offenses. Seattle is also not particularly good away from home. 17 – 14 St. Louis

Andy: Seattle plays well at home…but are terrible on the road.  St. Louis has improved, but aren’t that good either.  I expect this to be a low-scoring game, but I give the Rams the advantage.  16-13 St. Louis

Tennessee @ Atlanta

Cole: Atlanta needs to keep pace in the NFC South, while Tennessee sees a window in the AFC South. Both teams need to get some big wins down the stretch. Neither has played their best football recently, but Atlanta has been better of late than Tennessee. And Matt Ryan is tough to beat at home. 27 – 17 Atlanta

Andy: Tennessee has a chance to take the AFC South with Matt Schaub gone for the year…and then they run into a team like the Falcons.  Their defense should be good enough to keep Hasselbeck in line and the Falcons can pound it or pass it. Tennessee has good games, but I don’t see this being one of them.  31-21 Atlanta

San Diego @ Chicago

Cole: San Diego continues to lose and Chicago is starting to roll as they did late last year. They’re likely on pace for the wildcard if they can keep it up. Rivers continues to promise he’ll turn the Chargers around, but I’m not seeing any changes. 27 – 21 Chicago

Andy: San Diego went in reverse this year.  They started well, and are getting worse as the year goes on.  Meanwhile, Matt Forte and Jay Cutler are on fire.  28-24 Chicago

Philadelphia @ New York Giants

Cole: I think it’s about time we stuck a fork in the Eagles this season. Eli won’t let the Eagles defense get away this week, and with Vince Young the likely starter for Philly, there’s not much hope they can snag one out on the road. 31 – 13 New York

Andy: No Michael Vick, a team that can’t play a complete game, and a Giants team still writhing over a close loss to the 49ers?  Yea, I don’t give Philly a chance.  27-17 New York

Kansas City @ New England

Cole: The beginning of the easiest road to the playoffs finds New England taking on Kansas City. The Chiefs are crumbling after their 4 game winning streak, but remarkably are not out of the playoffs. Unfortunately for them Tyler Palko is going to take over this week. The New England defense has been better of late as well, and Brady looked on point last Sunday against a good defense. Hernandez and Gronkowski continue to cause huge mismatch problems for defenses. 37 – 10 New England

Andy: Kansas City has one of the toughest schedules left and they’re a bad team.  New England has probably the easiest schedule and is still a Super Bowl contender.  In New England in late November?  I don’t see this being pretty. 24-14 New England

Last Week:

Cole – 9 – 6
Andy – 7 – 8


Cole – 89 – 56 (.613)
Andy – 94 – 51 (.648)