Greetings this off week. Decided we’ll do some round-up news of things going on. Starting with the Colts.

Ah the once steady as the tide Indianapolis Colts have turned into a hurricane of commotion. Their owner and icon are in a feud which is undermining the introduction of a Rex Ryan-esque head coach who wants to come and establish himself. They hired a recently retired offensive coordinator and still don’t know what they’re doing with Luck vs Manning.

So lets break it down. If I were the Colts, I keep Peyton Manning. I explain at the outset that he has 2 maybe 3 more years with the team if he wants them before they move to Andrew Luck. If Manning says that sounds fine, all is good. If he’s not then you begin to shop him or you cut him. Reportedly the Colts have already decided to cut him right before the Combine and move on. I think that’s a waste, and if he ends up in Houston, Indianapolis could regret that for a long time coming.

Meanwhile Chuck Pagano has taken a very impressive defensive performance against New England to a head coaching job and has brought former rival Bruce Arians – recently forced out of Pittsburgh. It says a lot about what is going on in Pittsburgh, where Ben Roethlisberger is apparently furious that his OC is gone. If he retired that’s one thing, but to leave for the Colts is a very different tale. Clearly the Steelers are seeking a return to their power running attack and ferocious defense. The problem is they don’t have a good offensive line or running back to orchestrate that. Instead they have a very spread style 3 wide attack with Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders. Look for at least one of them to depart in the next year or so if they offense does make that regression.

Underneath all this drama, Dallas has been quietly brewing its own storm. Jerry Jones has begun taking some mild shots at Romo performances of late – comparing him unfavorably to Eli Manning and other playoff quarterbacks. In general Jones has been very supported of Romo. It might be a sign that change could be coming in Dallas. Look for them to target a mid round quarterback prospect (Nick Foles, Branden Weeden, etc) to push Romo to play better and start developing the future if he decides Romo can’t win the big game.