Top Team Needs:

Indianapolis Colts
1. Quarterback – Peyton is out, they must secure (and will) a new franchise signal caller.

2. 3-4 defensive personnel – Pagano will bring in a more versatile defensive scheme from the previous Tampa 2, but will need a lot of new pieces for that transition.

3. Offensive line – The line that knocked Peyton out is still not fixed. They’ll need to retool to protect their new investment.


St Louis Rams
1. Defense – How do you pin this down? It is an atrocious unit. 8-10 players could easily be upgraded this off-season.

2. Wide Receiver – I’d keep Mark Clayton as a number 2, but they absolutely need a playmaker to open up Steven Jackson and help Bradford.

3. Offensive Line – Speaking of helping Bradford, Jason Brown is out, Safford regressed, Jason Smith can’t stay health and has been underwhelming. Despite taking a tackle last three years, they still need a blind side protector.


Minnesota Vikings
1. Secondary – A once solid secondary has quietly slipped into desperate territory. They have no safety’s worth mentioning (Madieu and Tyrell didn’t work out) and their corner play has been sub par for a couple of years now.

2. Offensive line – Specifically left tackle, where the departure of Bryant McKinnie hurt them.

3. Wide Receiver – Percy Harvin is not a number one (I’m not sure he’s a 2 either) and they need to make their Ponder pick work out.


Cleveland Browns
1. Offensive playmaker – Running back or wide receiver. Just something to help the quarterback rotation.

2. Defensive front – Joe Haden is nice and they have some decent pieces. I think they need to pick a front set, either 4-3 or 3-4 and get the right people for it.

3. Quarterback – McCoy just cannot make all the NFL throws. They need a franchise signal caller, but that’s probably Matt Barkley next year.


Tampa Bay
1. Defensive replacements – Ronde Barber is quite old, and their secondary could use some new talents.

2. Complimentary Running back – Gripe all you want Blount, you’re not a dynamic back. They need a change of pace for his bulky frame.

3.Front Four – I know they’ve spent a lot of picks on this group, but it doesn’t seem to be clicking. A real talent there could boost the unit as a whole.


Washington Redskins
1. Quarterback – Shanahan tried to just will one last year, now he understands he actually needs a talented player to succeed.

2. Offensive line – Yes, their biggest need the last 5 years is still a mess. It is getting better, but they could use some real talent there.

3. Offensive playmaker – I would say Running back is more important with their signings of Pierre Garcon and Morgan, but neither of them is an elite talent either. Simply put someone to score points would help.


Miami Dolphins
1. Quarterback – The Dolphins haven’t had one since Dan Marino. Nuff Said

2. Wide Receiver – they shipped Marshall out in an effort to please Peyton Manning… that didn’t work and they didn’t seem to have a fall back option.

3. Defensive End / Linebacker – They recently cut Merling, another high draft pick, and they don’t have a whole lot on that line to get to the quarterback. Depending what scheme they use, they could use a pass rusher.


Carolina Panthers
1. Defensive line – Kris Jenkins is gone. Julius Peppers is gone. They have not replaced those players in the least. They can score points, but they need to stop the other team at least once.

2. Cornerback – Currently they have a couple of serviceable corners, but they could use an influx of elite talent there as well.

3. Wide Receiver – Steve Smith will not be playing forever. They need a big time weapon for Cam to get the ball to in order to balance their attack.


Buffalo Bills
1. Offensive line – This unit is very average. It has been for a while and it certainly isn’t helping their offense go.

2. Wide Receiver – Lee Evans is gone, and Steve “The Joker” Johnson doesn’t look like a number one. Michael Floyd could be a good fit here. Blackmon would be even better if they’re inclined to make that move.

3. Linebacker – They did sign Kirk Morrison, but I’m not sold on him or Sheppard. They have a solid unit, but it could be better.


Kansas City
1. Nose tackle – This could probably be entire defensive line. Dorsey and Jackson are not developing as expected. They don’t really have a nose tackle which is perhaps the most important 3-4 exclusive position.

2. Quarterback – I’m still in the “I don’t trust Cassel” camp. He’s just an average player and they need better production.

3. Linebacker – They have a good group, but could use a nice second to Derrick Johnson on the inside later in the draft. Or Kuechly if they don’t have someone they like more.


1. Linebacker – They have two major holes there. Barrett Ruud might work out, but that still leaves a hole in the middle or outside.

2. Defensive End – As far as I can tell, the only sacks they got last year were coverage sacks.

3. Cornerback – Obviously they didn’t get a lot of sacks. They need an upgrade, lock down cornerback.


Arizona Cardinals
1. Pass Rushing Linebacker – They’ve been trying to address this for a few years but still have been unable to.

2. Offensive line – Might be more important to them if they truly believe in Kolb. Protecting him is vital to supporting this offense.

3. Wide Receiver – They would love to replace Anquan Boldin with Michael Floyd if he hangs around til 13.


Dallas Cowboys
1. Safety – This is another hole that’s been there for a few years. Stop gaps have been unsuccessful, Barron is a great fit.

2. Nose Tackle – Ratliff is a Parcels / Wade Phillips style nose tackle, which is to say undersized. A more typical body there might help their sometimes lacking run defense and open up more room for their pass rushers. And Ware with more room is always a good thing.

3. Guard / Center – Their tackles look set with Free and Smith, but their interior could use a bit of work.


Philadelphia Eagles
1. Safety – Brian Dawkins’ retirement only reminds Eagles fans that they still have been unable to replace.

2. Pass Rusher – This isn’t necessarily an end because the Eagles scheme relies on interior pressure as much as exterior. Trent Cole is a beast and Babin is solid, but their interior could use a body like Cox.

3. Linebacker – Wow this was a bad unit. Casey Mathews was thrown to the wolves and they tore him apart. So much that Ryans was brought in, but they still need a lot more help.


New York Jets
1. Rush Linebacker – Rex hasn’t had a typical defense in that he cannot get to the quarterback without sending a ton of guys. He’s tried to win this way by bulking up the secondary, but a couple big time pass rushers would certainly make his job easier.

2. Running Back – Rex wants to run the ball. He’s been trying without a running back for a couple of years now. I think we knew Greene wasn’t the answer awhile ago. Must be addressed.

3. Offensive line – Mostly solid, but Right Tackle and Right guard could use a significant upgrade.