A look at some teams that want to make moves and the possible moves they could make.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers move up to 3 to select Trent Richardson.

Tampa is a playoff caliber team, supposedly, and if they truly believe that they are close, making a small move like this could get them over the hump. I don’t believe it because their defense is full of holes currently and their running game wasn’t necessarily the problem last season. Still, Schiano is supposedly enamored with Richardson and wants a more ground and pound attack.

Jacksonville going….somewhere.

The Jags reportedly like Justin Blackmon and Fletcher Cox and Melvin Ingram.

They might need to move up for Blackmon, but could land Cox at 7. Ingram is reportedly the player they want, but feel its a bit early at 7 for him. Arizona would sacrifice a goat to get a hold of Michael Floyd, so if he gets to Jacksonville and the price is right they could make that move from 13.


Arizona wants Michael Floyd…. badly…

…And I’m not sure why. Floyd to me is another Larry Fitzgerald. Neither has deep speed and their roster isn’t exactly build with a lot of burners on it. Sure it can work, because it did with Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, but to me it’s too much of the same. Still two dynamic receivers never hurt an offense.  7 might be too high to go, but if he gets to 10 or so, Arizona will make a play. I feel pretty confident about it.


Dallas Cowboys covet Mark Barron

Barron is a big time box safety that Dallas likes. Everyone says Dallas won’t get a shot at him where they are. If Buffalo truly likes a couple of offensive tackles (which is the rumor currently going around to contradict the Barron rumor that made sense to me and thus is going to screw my mock draft), they’ll look to trade down a couple of selections for a Martin or Glenn or Reiff (though they reportedly don’t like him as a tackle). Dallas might be willing to move up to 10 from 14 to secure Barron… if Tampa Bay doesn’t really like him to, which I’ve heard in passing.


Baltimore does not think this is a deep draft class. The Ravens believe they are close to a Superbowl

Those two factors usually mean a team is willing to shop some picks to maneuver up in a draft. The question becomes for whom? Dont’a Hightower might not make it to them at 29, so that is a logical option – particularly if they believe Pittsburgh wants him. Stephen Hill is another target they might like to add. Hill has been projected as high as Tennessee at 20, but most have him going to Cleveland or Houston. If Baltimore really likes the wide receiver from Georgia Tech, it might be a good year to make a move.



Happy draft day Everyone!