NFL Draft Rumors 2011

Will be compiling a list of rumors about players here. This will include reports concerning teams interest in players, players scouting reports, and anything else that could be useful for individuals trying to get an idea where their team is going this coming draft.

April 18th

MMQB – Ten good stuff about the draft again this week from the King

In Depth reading for each teams draft plans courtesy of Brian Bilick

April 14th

Marvin Austin is probably not a fan of Pro football weekly. A few others won’t be pleased either.

5-6 First round quarterbacks? In an underwhelming QB year?

Where will Patrick Peterson land?

April 11th (Yes I know It’s been a bit, got a good group today though)

Good list of comments made on NFL Network’s Path to the Draft

Peter King’s MMQB. Good list of draft rumors in there.

Speculation about what the 5 positions the Vikings will look at with their 1st round pick.

Houston’s draft needs spelled out (yeah, it’s a lot of defense)

A good scouting report on Andy Dalton (Check the bottom for a list of their 41-80th ranked players and similar scouting reports)

Peterson’s scouting report (along with the 1st 40)

5 Blockbuster draft day trades (predictions of course). Read the “why it works” sections for some interesting rumors about why these trades could go down.

April 5th:

Everyone sounds convinced the Ravens will take a Defensive end this draft.

April 4th:

Count Len Pasquarelli in the Mason Foster camp, as well as me. If you don’t know who he is and your team needs an LB, read up.

Rob Rang’s blog is an excellent source of info on the draft. He puts us (come on who are we kidding, me) to shame.

The Jaguars issues at safety remain unresolved. That’s only a problem if you have the likes of Manning-Wayne and Schuab-Johnson in the division.

April 3rd:

Its about that time we start declaring who the top pick will be.

Another example of why scheme change isn’t always the solution to a defensive problem

April 2nd:

The Steelers look very interested in fixing their offensive line.

Could Bower’s knee issues drop him all the way to the Colts?

Can we start calling the Pouncey to Giants rumors a lock?

Locker has solid Pro Day outing.

Count Vic Carruci as Pro-Dareus

April 1st:

Seahawks are looking towards the line first this draft.

Signs pointing towards the Cam to Panthers rumors.

The Bowers snowball down NFL draft boards is quickly turning into an avalanche.

Elway isn’t a Tebow guy after all.

Bengals taking a long look at Mallet. I know it says 4th overall but who are we kidding he won’t go there.

Miami thinking about going really deep in this years quarterback class?

March 31st:

An interesting look at where several NFL Network talent evaluators value Jake Locker. Features a nice little video too.

A rundown of the drafts quarterbacks by a very Pro-Cam Miami Herald Armando Salguero

March 30th:

Cam Newton was ripped apart in Pro Football Weekley’s Draft Preview. Summaries provided by CNN New England and PFT

Chiefs and Browns working out Land Phil Taylor. Also New Orleans, San Francisco, Tennessee, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

Patriots working out Prince Amukamara. Also Bengals, Panthers, Browns, 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins, Buccaneers.

CBS Sports Rob Rang looks at Overrated and Underrated prospects in this upcoming draft.


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